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    5 Awesome Mobile Games That Could Surprise in 2022

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    In recent days, the mobile world has been rocked by bombastic confirmations of several amazing new games coming to Android and iOS

    But before jumping on board the hype train, let's separate what's good here from what's just hype.

    After all, it may be that many people are not aware of the games that will be released soon.

    That's why we've separated 5 amazing mobile games that can really surprise you in 2022.

    Oh, and before we start, a big F for Battlefield Mobile.

    This one will be a surprise if it's any good, because the first alpha was just awful. EA managed to destroy Battlefield Mobile and 2042 in a single semester. hahahaha

    Oh and we're not going to talk about games in final beta testing yet, like Apex Legends, which everyone is already playing (which I know) and already knows how it's going to be.

    I know you are there on Google Play in Argentina, I'm watching!

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    1 – Real Racing Next

    The first game on our list is Real Racing Next.

    Firemonkeys Studios has given a small taste of what a Real Racing 4 could be.

    Only a small demo was released in alpha test in September of last year and you can already understand that they know the scratch.

    The new Real Racing is getting gorgeous. The game is the natural evolution of the 2013 game, but it brings unbelievable realism to mobile. Of course, you need a great cell phone to run Real Racing Next with maximum graphics.

    There is still no release forecast or how the game will be, but from what was shown of Real Racing 4, ops, Next, the game has everything to revolutionize on mobile once again.


    • Real Racing Next is presented by EA, see what changes in the new game

    2 – Seven Deadly Sins Origin

    Seven Deadly Sins Origin is an impressive open world game that already has a trailer and looks amazing.

    Seven Deadly Sins Origin is in development by Netmarble and looks like a cross between Genshi Impact and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

    The game is being designed for consoles and mobile. For this reason alone, we can already expect something that exceeds the limit of most current cell phones.

    A stunning and immersive open world awaits mobile gamers.

    Of course there will be gacha somewhere, but as it's a completely free game, what did you expect?

    Still in the hype of Seven Deadly Sins Origin, there is another mobile game that will also be open world and that will also come strong in 2022, is Black Clover.

    But we're not going to put it on this list because we can't really say how the gameplay will be. But if you're a fan of anime, you can already glue this one here too.


    • The Seven Deadly Sins: New Open World Game for Android and iOS

    3 – Games of the Hero Shooter genre

    Sometimes I get sad about what happened with Gameloft and Digital Legends.

    He knows…. pity these companies that literally had everything in their hands, but released their games too soon.

    Overwatch-style hero shooting games have never been on mobile.

    And it wasn't for lack of trying. There were dozens of games in this formula, but it seems that they were released early, on mobile, the public didn't seem to be ready. Or rather, they were very busy with Free Fire and PUBG.

    With the natural fatigue of Garena and Tencent games – and the upcoming release of Overwatch 2 – it seems that 2022 is the year of the hero shooter on mobile.

    And it's already raining games of this subgenre on cell phones. hahaha

    In just one month, it entered beta testing: Star Wars: Hunters, T3 Arena and Dream Edge.

    Three very good games within their proposals.

    One of them will surprise in 2022.


    • T3 Arena: a “cute and fast Overwatch” comes to Android
    • Dream Edge: 5v5 shooter starts new test on Android
    • Star Wars: Hunters gets early test on Google Play in Spain

    4 – Tower of Fantasy

    Green fields and a large open world to explore.

    This is the standard formula for a successful YouTube thumbnail.

    Every gamer today is tied to the possibility of a gigantic game, full of infinite possibilities.

    Genshin Impact's success is no wonder. The game is one of the few on mobile that offers exploration in a gigantic open world with few loading times and absurd freedom.

    But such success will win companions soon.

    In addition to Seven Deadly Sins Origin, and probably Black Clover, who is on Genshin Impact's tail is Tower of Fantasy.

    The game from Level Infinite and Perfect World Games was released in China late last year and is already in global pre-registration in the west.

    The game was very well received in China and the western version is coming very soon.

    I believe that if the company invests well in advertising and in a pt-br translation, it has a chance to surprise as well.


    • Tower of Fantasy: Genshin Impact-like game opens global pre-registration on Android, iOS and PC

    5 – Warzone Mobile

    At this point in the championship, you already know that Activision is developing a Call for Duty Warzone mobile.

    So what?

    First of all, I want to remind you what the Battle Royale scenario was like before COD Warzone.

    We had Apex Legends which, ok, was really successful, we had Fortnite being Fortnite as always and we had the Battle Royale from Black ops 4 that everyone thought was half-assed.

    Everyone thought: “ok, now the genre is going to decay, because things are kind of bad, in this genre”.

    Then comes COD Warzone by surprise. A game with amazing graphics, fast-paced gameplay, focus on cool weapons and equipment, lots of possibilities and a revive system. Okay, revive already existed in other games, but here in Warzone it's pretty easy to buy your friend to continue the game together or he can revive alone if he survives the Gulag.

    Warzone kicked the bucket of Battle Royale with absurd quality and up to 200 players in a match, 200 players in a match.

    Now imagine that on mobile. I don't know what witchcraft Activision is going to do, but if they manage to bring at least one mode with 150 players and gameplay similar to PC and Consoles, the other games of the genre are in deep trouble.


    • Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is properly announced by Activision

    And with this absurd hype we end this article. Missed a game? What game do you think will surprise you in 2022. Put it in the comments, a big hug and see you next time!

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