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    5 Android Games Similar to Overwatch

    Meet several Android Games similar to Overwatch that are in development or have been released. The list is full of Chinese titles, but some of these games can already be played in Spain without any problems. Check out!

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    A warning just to make it clear that there is no such thing as “Overwatch Mobile”. The games on the list are inspired by or similar to the Blizzard game, but do not fully copy Overwatch. As of the publication of this post, there is no indication that Blizzard will release Overwatch for mobile.

    – Heroes of Warfare (Available to play in Spain)

    Heroes of Warfare is the only game on the list that is all in Chinese ENGLISH VERSION) and which can be downloaded and played directly from Spain. No VPN needed and no CBT (Close Beta). The game has already been released and NO REGISTRATION NEEDED.

    The game has a lot of inspiration from Overwatch and brings the characteristic system that mixes MOBA and FPS. There are Tanker characters with shields and you need to defend zones to conquer territories. Anyway, a must for anyone looking for an Overwatch Mobile on Android. If you're looking for an Overwatch for Android and want to play it now, this is the game!

    – Hero Mission (in beta testing in China)

    Hero Mission is a game that mixes MOBA and FPS and uses characters that are very reminiscent of Overwatch. Of the games on the list, it has the best graphics.

    We could even say that the game is a successful clone of Blizzard, but in reality, the game is not just inspired by Overwatch. A weird party with characters from Mad Max, Star Wars and Final Fantasy. Unfortunately, the game is still in closed beta in China.

    Hero Mission Official Site

     – Legion King (only available in China)

    Legion King é one of the first games inspired by Overwatch. The game has already been released, but unfortunately to play it is necessary to have a phone number from a Chinese operator, to receive the SMS with the activation code of the game.

    The game has a character for each Overwatch character. Tankers, offensive, support, all very similar, but luckily with a design that distances itself from anything existing, thus avoiding copyright issues.

    Site Oficial do Legion King

     – Battle Fire (em beta na China)

    Battle Fire is an FPS that is inspired by the colorful graphics of the Blizzard game, but has a gameplay divided into singleplayer and online multiplayer missions.

    The multiplayer is just generic and the similarities with Overwatch are restricted to the colorful look.


    – Guns Rush (Available on Google Play)

    The only game on the list available on Google Play, Guns Rush is a third-person shooter that is not directly inspired by Overwatch, but brings elements such as healing and many stylish characters.

    It is a must-play for anyone looking for a different shooting game. There are many heroes to unlock and each one has special powers and moves. However, the game still does not bring the long-awaited "MOBA" mode that was left for a distant update.

    Despite appearing on Google Play all in Chinese, the game is translated into English.

    Link to Download on Google Play.

    [originally published June 13, 2017]

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