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    5 Android Games Similar to God of War

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    We have prepared a list for those who like epic adventures in Android, with a footprint in the style of “God of War“. At the top below, there are separate games that bear some resemblance to Sony's mythical series. Just to be clear, we didn't include any hack'n slash games, only games that have a plot focus, God of War-like gameplay, and can be finished.

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    – GodFire (Free)

    Of all the games on Google Play, GodFire is the one that stands out the most when it comes to looking like God of War. Despite having strange controls, the game has good graphics, bosses and a story that is at least present.

    Become the titan Prometheus as you embark on an epic quest to retrieve the Godfire Spark and save humanity. It's not Kratos' epic journey, but GodFire makes for a few hours of fun.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    – WildBlood (PAGO)

    By far the best game on the list. WildBlood has nothing to do with Greek mythology. In the game, you control Lancelot who needs to defeat the jealous King Arthur. Fallen from grace, the king has allied himself with evil sorcerers and it's up to the noble knight to defeat all enemies.

    With lots of stages, puzzle elements and bosses, you can't help but remember God of War. Especially when Lancelot picks up a greatsword and starts executing blows very similar to the ones Kratos uses with the Blade of Olympus. Another one of the excellent games of the “old Gameloft”.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    – Gods of Egypt (Free)

    Gods of Egypt is an Android game based on the movie of the same name. Play as the deadly Bek or the god Horus in epic battles to regain the power of the ancient sun god.

    The game is quite short, but completely offline and free. The title reproduces some scenes from the movie with epic action, but fails for not having a high challenge.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    – 300: Conquer Your Glory Game (Free)

    Another movie based game, this time in the mythical story of the 300 of Sparta. In reality, this is a continuation of the first film. With good looks, this is the most spartan game on the list.

    Not as relevant as the first one, but 300: Conquer Your Glory Game turned into a simple and direct game for mobile. Like Gods of Egypt, the game is short and much of what happens on the cell phone screen is a reproduction of what we saw on the big screen.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    – Blade of God (Free)

    Blade of God 魂之刃(测试服) was the last game to be released recently that rekindled that dream of having a God of War for Android. In reality, the game is more like Devil May Cry or Darksiders. The similarity with God of War is only in finishing the enemies.

    Blade of God's main highlight is having a great graphic. But the same cannot be said of the phases. The game basically has a single scenario. However, the game is constantly being updated and if you keep the APK updated (via Tap Tap) you can check the evolution of this game.

    Download link on Tap Tap

    – Honorable Mention: God of War Ghost of Sparta and God of War Chains of Olympus

    For those who still don't know, it is possible to emulate God of War Ghost of Sparta e God of War Chains of Olympus, both PSP games with PPSSPP emulator on Android. Even average cell phones run games with an acceptable frame rate. It is worth remembering that it is necessary to have digital or physical media to be able to download the games.

    Link to Download PPSSPP Emulator on Google Play

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