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    35 Best Android Offline Games 2020

    Let's start the year off on the right foot. Check out the best OFFLINE GAMES 2020 to Android. There are 35 amazing games for your cell phone that don't require an internet connection. The top has it all: Action, shooting, horror, racing games and more.

    This time, in addition to free and offline games, we also bring some paid games. After all, when it comes to quality, many good games were left out of the list just because they were paid. And guys, it's worth checking them out too.

    Before we go to the list of OFFLINE GAMES 2020, it is worth remembering that all games were tested before the article was published. However, these games may have been updated and their offline mode may have changed. We have no way of controlling this.

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    1. Anime ARPG

    Anima is an action RPG with a lot of influence from the Diablo PC game series. In this offline game for Android, the player can choose between three classes: swordsman, archer and sorcerer.

    The highlight of this game to play in early 2020? Without automatic mode and limiters, Anima brings the good old hack'n slash and scenario exploration. All in the best “old school” style, just play and enjoy. Travel in the world of Anima and explore deeper and deeper dungeons.

    As you search the scenarios, you can find chests with gold, weapons and armor to help you in this endeavor. There are 40 levels of catacombs and dungeons with bosses and an ending.

    Download Anima on Google Play

    Size: 360 MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    2. Special Warfare

    Special Warfare, nicknamed “Special War” here, is a first-person shooter for Android. There are only 400 MB of data to download and the game offers online multiplayer and an offline zombie mode.

    Beautiful look and great gameplay. The scenarios are large and it is possible to walk around the map freely. It has no history, but it's a great hobby.

    Download Special Warfare on Google Play

    Size: 659MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    3. War Tortoise 2

    In this offline game for Android, you control a turtle and small rodents that will face a war where the turtle is a tank.

    The novelty of this second game in the franchise is the possibility of using new helper units that range from a rodent knight to a sniper squirrel. The game looks like action, but there's a lot of strategy involved, as it requires more of building your "mini-army" build than the shooting skill itself.

    Download War Tortoise 2 on Google Play

    Size: 686MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    4. ODDMAR (Free to try)

    Best action-adventure game of 2019

    But if you are looking for a game with a good story, our recommendation is Oddmar. I know, we've already talked about offline games in other videos, but believe me, it's really worth downloading and getting to know this game for Android in 2020.

    Oddmar is free to download and test, but after a few stages you have to pay.

    In Oddmar, you play a viking who needs to prove his worth in a great battle and win a place in Valhalla. With the help of magic mushrooms he sets off on a great adventure. The game has history ENTIRELY IN SPANISH.

    Oddmar is from the same producers of another gamistic pearl: Leo's Fortune. This game also has for Android, it's also offline and worth checking out.

    Download Oddmar on Google Play

    Size: 480 MB | Language: Spanish | offline

    5. Day After

    Day After is the best “Last Day on Earth” style game. Because? This game deserves to be played in 2020 for having a very cool feature, it is completely offline.

    With good 3D graphics, in Day After, the goal is to survive a zombie apocalypse. In addition to monsters, the player must deal with other characters (people) who want to steal their items.

    The game is still in testing, but it already offers the possibility to do a lot. You can't say that Day After will be 100% offline after the final release. So download this game while it has an offline version.

    Download Day After APK

    Size: 180MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    6. Takashi Ninja Warrior (Free to try)

    Takashi Ninja Warrior is an action game for Android that has RPG elements that are very reminiscent of Dark Souls (or Sekiro, because of the oriental theme). The game is offline and free to download and play.

    In command of a Samurai, the player faces Ninjas who invaded and destroyed their village.

    The game has very beautiful graphics and uninterrupted gameplay. The first 4 phases are free, but after that you have to pay to continue. Or wait until the developer makes new episodes available for free.

    Download Takashi on Google Play

    Size: 130MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    7. GTA V Fangame (2 games or Ruser)

    Since time immemorial there has been a rumor that GTA V will come to smartphones with Android. Nowadays, this rumor has come to fruition in two ways: one is game streaming and the other is fangames.

    Fangames are games made by fans without any relation to the producer Rockstar. The best known GTA V for Android is NCC, but recently another one, with the introduction of the game, has also arrived on APKs websites.

    They are good games to play and show to friends, but they come up against technical limitations of the cell phone's own hardware and limitations of the poor developers. Can you imagine, remaking a game that was made by more than 300 people and with a budget of 265 million dollars?

    Download GTA Fangame APK

    Download GTA Fangame APK 2

    Download GTA Fangame APK 3

    Download GTA Fangame APK 4

    Download GTA Fangame APK 5

    Size: 511MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    8. Way of Retribution: Awakening

    Another Soul's Like for Android. But this time, this is one of the ones that has the gameplay most similar to Dark Souls. In Way of Retribution: Awakening, we control knights who are ready to end a conflict that has lasted millennia.

    That poor soul, and yours too, will be tested in a most difficult game. Way of Retribution retains that tension from every encounter with an enemy. With each enemy we have the feeling that the character will die with a single blow.

    Way of Retribution is still in development, the combat mechanics are excellent, but it needs a plot to improve the Lore and add secrets to the castles and churches, which felt a little empty to me.

    Way of Retribution na Google Play

    Size: 691MB | Language: Spanish | Free of charge

    9. Sport Racing

    Sport Racing is one of those offline racing games that are often overlooked. After all, there are so many games on Google Play that gamers tend not to test the games further.

    With time trial mode and leagues, this offline game offers simple and straightforward gameplay, but with jaw-dropping graphics. The visuals are very beautiful for a game of only 97 MB.

    In addition, it is highly compatible, running at maximum graphics even on old cell phones.

    Download Sport Racing on Google Play

    Size: 97MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    10. Grimvalor (Free to try)

    This is one of the games that many Android game fans don't know. From the same producers as the excellent Swordigo, Grimvalor is the “Castlevania/Dark Souls” version of Swordigo. A game with a very beautiful dark look and that appeals to a slightly above common difficulty.

    Defeat the dark hordes and King Valor in a breathtaking Action RPG game.

    Grimvalor follows Swordigo's formula exactly. You are free to go right or left on a giant map. But if there's one thing that Grimvalor corrected in relation to the producer's first game, it was the graphics. Grimvalor is very beautiful.

    However, unlike Swordigo, which was free, only the first act of Grimvalor is free. But it allows you to play almost two hours without any kind of interruption. The complete game costs BRL 22 reais and opens for another 13 hours, totaling 15 hours of gameplay to complete the story. By exploring all the secrets it is possible to spend more than 20 hours in this offline action game.

    Grimvalor na Google Play

    Size: 594MB | Language: Spanish | Paid out

    11. Forgotten Memories

    After a long time as an iOS exclusive, Forgotten Memories has finally been released for Android. The horror game is one of the games with the best graphics on Android, bringing improved visuals and already prepared for QuadHD screens.

    In Forgotten Memories, the player plays a journalist who will investigate the disappearance of a child. The game has moments that resemble “Silent Hill” and “D”.

    Fantastic puzzles and bizarre kids. A disturbing game that doesn't just appeal to scares. You will be able to fight the creatures by shooting them.

    The game is paid (I know, I know), but it's really worth knowing, really. Excellent gameplay and that feeling of playing a console game.

    Forgotten Memories na Google Play

    Size: 1 GB | Language: English | Paid out

    12. Hoppia Tale

    Do you remember Super Nintendo games like Goof Troop, Bomberman or The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past? Then you need to play Hoppia Tale.

    This game mixes action, adventure and puzzle with a very fun combat and movement mechanics.

    In the world of Hoppia mysterious portals have arisen. Control a cat and a dog that will travel through different worlds defeating dangerous enemies. Everything is clear, with a lot of cuteness and beautiful pixel art.

    Forgotten Memories na Google Play

    Size: 200 MB | Language: Spanish | Free of charge

    13. Green Glass

    Green Glass is actually a Chinese game developed by NetEase. Despite not being in our language, the game has almost no dialogue and part of the fun is figuring out how to advance.

    Gorgeous graphics and an adventure full of romance await you. Help the noble knight take the maiden to a place of healing.

    Although it looks like it's not an open world game, it has very closed episodes. But there is a beautiful example of how mobile games can go beyond momentary fun and offer something more.

    Green Glass APK

    Size: 1 GB | Language: Chinese | Free of charge



    14. Johnny Trigger

    Imagine John Wick as a stick figure. This is the proposal of the addictive Johnny Trigger. His mission is to defeat mobsters in a frantic shooting game.

    In reality, just tapping the screen at the moment when the crosshairs pass the enemies, but that doesn't mean a piece of cake. The start of the game is easy, but that's part of the plan to explain the game's mechanics.

    By the 15th level, you'll start to miss some shots and realize the trap you've gotten yourself into, you just can't stop playing this addictive game that is offline.

    Johnny Trigger Google Play

    Size: 38MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    15. Cup Head fangame (Cup Head Mobile)

    There are many types of fan-made games on Android, but Cup Head is one of the best developed. I know it's not an original game, but the game's developer should take a look at this title. Guys are almost done playing almost all Xbox One and PC game on mobile.

    All the charisma of the “cup” brothers is available in this game for Android. This fangame has been on the web for a while, but currently it already has a lot of content with many stages and bosses.

    The game was so successful that Aptoide has already surpassed 500 downloads.

    Cup Head Mobile APK

    Size: 200MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    16. Xtreme Drift 2

    Despite its name, Xtreme Drift 2 is a racing game for Android that is offline and offers a lot of content. Anyone who thinks the game is just skidding is wrong.

    Even before starting to run, the game features a feature very dear to players, but modifications. You will be able to tune your car in many different ways. Change paintwork, wheels and add parts to make your car awesome.

    When it comes to racing, Xtreme Drift 2 features 4 modes: Drift, Race, Free and Online. The first three are offline and only the last one is an online mode against three other players.

    Full of day and night races, Xtreme Drift 2 is the ideal option for those who enjoy games like Asphalt 9 or Need For Speed: No Limits, but want to play without internet.

    Xtreme Drift 2 na Google Play

    Size: 321MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    17. Slaughter 3

    Offline shooting games are increasingly rare, and with history then. But Slaughter 3 is here to break that fast. Control a policeman who will stop the bandits' spree in a prison after a riot.

    But this time the rebellion is a little bigger, the game takes place in a city forgotten by the authorities.

    The graphics aren't that pretty, but this allows the game to run smoothly on any smartphone. The highlight of Slaughter 3: The Rebels is really the gameplay.

    This is the typical game of passing levels with a third-person view (the one above the head) and where the player explores the scenario looking for items and the exit of each level.

    Be sure to check out the two previous games that are good too.

    Slaughter 3 na Google Play

    Size: 500MB | Language: English | Paid out

    18. Mental Hospital VI

    Mental Hospital VI is the latest game in the franchise and is one of the best offline horror games for Android. The game is paid, but it costs a measly 1 real. The horror game has sensational graphics. A great alternative to Forgotten Memories.

    An amazing horror game, with excellent graphics and a scare around every corner. It's scary even during the day.

    As in other games in the franchise, you are a reporter for a local newspaper and you are invited to see something mystical happening at the Santa Monica Psychiatric Hospital.

    Mental Hospital VI is not just a horror game of running away from this or that, you have to fulfill missions and go through various stages. Offline game highly recommended!

    Mental Hospital VI na Google Play

    Size: 457MB | Language: Spanish | Paid out

    19. Mighty Sword

    After free classics of the platform genre like Swordigo and Sword of Xolan, Mighty Sword comes to keep the flame of light and free offline games.

    Like the other games I mentioned, this one is simple and straight to the point. There are 10 stages full of enemies. Search for three people who have been kidnapped and defeat the forces of evil.

    Mighty Sword na Google Play

    Size: 22MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    20. Xenowerk Tactics

    Command a special operations group that needs to contain an alien infestation. From the same producers of the first Xenowerk, a game that mixes the shooting of the first, with elements of strategy.

    Despite looking like just a game with Skirmish Mode, in Xenowerk Tactics we have a story and there's even the possibility to choose a good ending and a bad ending. The game is free to try, but after the first phase you have to pay.

    Xenowerk Tactics na Google Play

    Size: 600MB | Language: Spanish | Paid out

    21. World Boxing Tournament 2019

    World Boxing Tournament 2019, also known as Shoot Boxing. The game is developed as a martial art from Kick Boxing, but it "was up" to a never-ending bullshit, in the fun sense of the thing.

    The characters are all "hard" and the movement is strange. But the gameplay is a lot of fun. Just press all the buttons and try to reach the end. There are 50 challenges with male and female fighters.

    It's very funny to see the fight going on, with attempts of Hadoukens and Mortal Kombat "hook".

    In addition to the original fighter, you can unlock new ones. To speed up the purchase of characters, you can watch ads. But if you don't want to, that's fine, just play offline.

    Shoot Boxing na Google Play

    Size: 100MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    22 Grid Autosport

    GRID Autosport has the best graphics of 2019.

    There's no way not to talk about this game. GRID Autosport, for sure will appear in many other top games here on Mobile Gamer. A very expensive game that runs only on top-of-the-line cell phones, but it's certainly one of the most satisfying games to play.

    After all, this is the same game released for consoles like Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Completely on mobile and with the right to dubbing in Spanish.

    Much more racing simulator than other games of the genre, with the right to car damage and much more. But also a great arcade game (just turn on all the aids). This good variety of races and modes make GRID Autosport the favorite game for anyone who has a cell phone and enjoys racing games.

    All this with zero built-in purchases and zero hassle. Just pick up and try to finish all the leagues in the game. And look, it will take time. GRID Autosport needs more than 30 hours to complete all the content, with the right to night races, day races, long races, short races and much more. It even has a Formula 1 mini-championship.

    GRID Autsport na Google Play

    Size: 4 GB | Language: Spanish | Paid out

    23. Planet Hunter

    Planet Hunter is an action game where your character is on a mini-planet. In this Arcade Dual Stick Shooter, the mission is to detonate everything in front of you, until you clear the planet and move on to the next one.

    As in many games of the genre, the first stages are easy, but then more and more enemies appear and you will need better weapons and power-ups. The game also has three difficulty levels.

    Despite appearing to be a small project, the game surprises with good graphics and many stages. Planet Hunter has some performance issues on more modest phones.

    Planet Hunter na Google Play

    Size: 100 MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    24. Stranger Things 3

    Stranger Things 3 has arrived to follow up the first game. Yes, we didn't have the second one, which is weird, but that's ok, after all, the name of the series says it all.

    Stranger Things 3 follows the same concept as the first game, hiding its quality with graphics that look like they came out of a Java game.

    But don't be fooled, this is an excellent adventure game for Android. As in the first one, your mission is to gather the Hawkins gang and for that, you'll have to play with the characters from the series. Each of them has unique abilities that allow them to access new areas, and that's the magic of the game, the backtracking. A great game that still has references to the TV series.

    Stranger Things 3 na Google Play

    Size: 800MB | Language: English | Paid out

    25. RE Merceneries

    RE Merceneries is an Android fangame that draws heavily on Resident Evil 5. The game could have been released without many references to CAPCOM games, but the developer chose to use some assets and this resulted in the game being pulled from Google Play.

    But the game is still available on APK sites. A good third-person shooter with good graphics. Although similar to Resident Evil 5, this offline game for Android is all about killing hordes of zombies that appear in droves.

    RE Merceneries APK

    Size: 252MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    26. Reign of Amira: TLK e Arena

    Reign of Amira is a series of games developed by chipmaker Qualcomm. Therefore, the game runs better on devices with a Snapdragon processor.

    The first game, Reign of Amira: TLK is better. Despite having simpler graphics, it is an action game that is somewhat reminiscent of games like God of War. TLK is divided into stages with bosses.

    The second game is simpler. Reign of Amira Arena is based on waves of enemies. Just defeat them within the allotted time. The graphics are better, but the gameplay of the first game is infinitely superior.

    Reign of Amira na Google Play

    Size: 659 MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    27. Prison Survival

    This is one of the most searched game themes on Google Play. The big problem is that most of the “Escape from Prison” games are horrible, crude experiences.

    Most games of this type hide in fake screenshots and change names constantly. I'm including a prison game, motivated more by high demand.

    Of the free ones, the least bad is “Prison Escape Stealth Survival Mission”. What name is that? Hahahaha. Despite the rubbish, this is one of the few games in which there are varied missions. Many free games of this type boil down to beating up guards.

    When it comes to paid games, now I highly recommend the great ones: The Escapists 1 and 2. They are hilarious games in which the objective is to collect resources, assemble a plan and escape from jail. However, there is much more strategy involved than action itself.

    Prison Survival na Google Play

    Size: 200 MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    28. Death Park

    Death Park is an offline survival horror game for Android. In charge of a child trapped in a freak park, the player must escape from a crazy clown.

    Despite looking like one of those crude games to collect items and escape a threat, Death Park surprises with some puzzles and riddles. The setting is large and allows for a lot of exploration. Another highlight of the game is the fact that it is all in Spanish.

    Death Park na Google Play

    Size: 150 MB | Language: Spanish | Free of charge

    29. Table Top Racing: World Tour (Nitro Edition)

    Excellent racing game, very little commented on the internet, as its first version was free, but the sequel is paid.

    Tablet Top Racing: World Tour is a toy car racing game. The game is the same game released for Nintendo Switch in 2018.

    The highlight of this version is the split-screen racing mode. If you have a smartphone with a big screen, you can play two people using the same device. That's right. Local and offline multiplayer with just a single mobile.

    Tablet Top Racing na Google Play

    Size: 1GB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    Blood Copter is an action game in which we command a super-armed helicopter. There are several missions with enemies on the ground or in the air. The helicopter has weapons like machine guns, missiles and bombs.

    The look resembles something between PS1 and PS2 games. Despite this, the controls are not very usual and will require some practice. Also check out the other game from this producer with planes and helicopters. Both are offline.

    Blood Copter na Google Play

    Size: 100 MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    31. The Last of Us Mobile

    These fangames are getting more and more interesting. And it's not that one guy turned that introductory part of The Last of Us into a mobile game. And it was good.

    The graphics somewhat resemble the PS3 version. A fake website was also created, implying that it is an official conversion. But make no mistake, it's all just a fangame with only one level.

    It's worth the download just out of curiosity.

    TLOU Offline Game APK

    Size: 550 MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    32. Desert War

    I was impressed with the game. Yes, this is a screenshot of the game running on the now outdated ZUK Z2.

    Desert War, the one from the APK, not from Google Play, is an excellent shooter for Android that also has the main feature of being offline. This game was released in 2019 but has been removed from Google Play.

    As always, some developers insist on using fake images and this does more harm than good. Due to using fake images the game was removed from the Google store.

    But Desert War is really good! It has vast scenarios and scattered enemies, which encourages exploration of the environment. It was enough to improve the AI ​​and add more varied missions.

    Anyway, a good offline shooter that we can only find here now. Don't forget to download its APK too.

    Desert War Offline Game APK

    Size: 200 MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    33. Apple Knight

    Apple Knight is an action-packed platform game. Embark on the “apple knight” adventure. The game lacks an exciting story, but it makes up for it with good pixelart graphics and lean gameplay.

    The typical jumping and “hitting animals” game that is fun for its simplicity. An easy to beat game that has a very friendly monetization system. Just connect the internet to get rich in the game and buy all items. Something I recommend doing at least as a way of thanking the developer.

    Apple Knight na Google Play

    Size: 36 MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    34. Ice Scream Episode 2

    Ice Scream has just won a new episode. In a sinister neighborhood, a child is kidnapped by an ice cream man.

    It's time to stop the plans of Rod, a crazy ice cream man who is terrorizing his neighborhood.

    The horror game, for kids, for me it's more of an adventure, it's totally free. But it displays some ads while playing the game. However, it allows you to play offline without any difficulty.

    Ice Scream Episode 2 na Google Play

    Size: 150 MB | Language: English | Free of charge

    35. Graveyard Keeper

    Hey, where's Stardew Valley? You must be thinking. The reason it's not included in the list is that I've already talked about this game so much that it gets kind of boring. So the tip is to check out our top of the best games of 2019, our Mobile Gamer Awards.

    To compensate, and to close the list of offline games 2020 with a flourish, I present to you Graveyard Keeper. This RPG game is a pseudo-clone of Stardew Valley but instead of having a pretty little farm, in this game, you take care of a graveyard.

    The game is paid and a little more expensive than Stardew Valley itself, but it's very cool, you'll manage medieval cemeteries. There are very bizarre moments like burying people victims of the Black Plague or throwing bodies in the river.

    Initially I was going to put Harvest Town on the list, but the game, free and still in early access, decided to go 100% online. What made it out of our top, at the time of conclusion of the article.

    Graveyard Keeper na Google Play

    Size: 660MB | Language: Spanish | Paid out

    And it is with this terrible disappointment that we end our Top 30 offline games for Android of 2020, soon we will post more videos on the topic, as more games are released.

    See you next time, a big hug!

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    Game Bonus:

    Bright Memory Mobile. First-person shooter with futuristic look and offline-focused gameplay. The game is in testing and you can download a free trial version here.

    [originally published January 3, 2020]

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