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    30 anticipated mobile games in 2022

    Check main games for Android e iOS that are being awaited and that may arrive in 2022.

    The month of May caught fire with the release of Apex Legends Mobile and Street of Rage, but there are still plenty of games to look forward to this year. Check out an insane list of 25 new games for Android and iOS coming soon.

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    Riot confirmed in June of last year that it was developing Valorant-Mobile, a seamless conversion of competitive PC gaming to mobile.

    I always suspected that Valorant would get a smartphone version due to its simple scenery and character geometry. The first images reveal a light game that will run on most cell phones. The first global beta tests are expected to take place in 2022.


    The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin

    Few know about this game, but Netmarble in partnership with Kodansha is producing a game of mundo aberto de Nanatsu no Taizai.

    The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin will have a gameplay similar to that of Genshin Impact. There will be no automatic modes and freedom of exploration will be one of the focuses of the game. The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin is slated to release on consoles and mobile sometime in 2022 or 2023.


    Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat

    It got boring to talk about Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat. The mobile game should have been out a long time ago, but producer Yun Chang Game in partnership with CAPCOM still doesn't have any scheduled release date.

    In the west, the game is in charge of NebulaJoy who confirmed that the launch is very soon. They are probably waiting for a “good window” to launch the game.



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    tower of fantasy

    The resounding success of Genshin impact did not go unnoticed. Several developers are creating open world games with a similar proposal. This is the case of Hotta Studio, Level Infinite and Perfect World Games.

    All these companies have come together to launch Online RPG globally tower of fantasy. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, players start the game shortly after catastrophic events such as the destruction of the so-called “Fantasy Tower”.


    Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

    It seems that Square Enix wants to use game production leftovers as Final Fantasy VII Remake in mobile games. For this, the producer announced Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis.

    The game will narrate several stories from the FFVII universe in several different formats and with different visuals. There will be moments with cute look, PSP look, and PS4 look. The game, or rather, this pseudo-collection will contain stories that take place in other games in the franchise such as Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII. Ever Crisis arrives in September in Japan.


    Diablo Immortal

    The end of the novel Diablo Immortal is near, it arrives on the 2nd of June. The Blizzard game that was once a joke on the internet, in reality, is an amazing RPG and dungeon crawler game with a focus on co-op.

    We've already tested Diablo Immortal and from character building, through worldbuilding, dungeons and enemies, everything smells like Diablo Root! The game will be released on June 2, 2022. Finally!


    Star Wars: Hunters

    The year 2022 was marked by the return of the “Hero Shooter”, it seems that everyone waited to release their games of this genre just this year.

    Star Wars: Hunters arrives with this proposal and looks like an Overwatch with a Fortnite look. The game has quick matches and characters inspired by the Star Wars universe. Control and use characters with powers like the Force. Despite being in beta testing in Spain, Star Wars: Hunters has yet to be released globally.


    Dream Edge

    Another “Hero Shooter”. Dream Edge is also a game with characters with unique abilities, who will compete in small arenas with lots of shooting, lights and colors everywhere.

    Dream Edge's differential is its mechanics in which the characters can enter circuits and traverse part of the scenario in a hidden (or almost hidden) way. A fast moving game that has already been in beta testing in Spain.


    Call of Duty: Project Aurora / Call of Duty: Warzone

    Activision has already confirmed that it is developing the Mobile version of Call of Duty Warzone. However, information has emerged that Digital Legends is working on a game called Project Aurora. Would it be the same game?

    At the moment, there is little information about this or these two games. What is known is that Activision wants COD Warzone mobile "for yesterday", the game should arrive soon on mobile and will shake the lives of Battle Royale fans.


    Noah's Heart

    Also developed on the Genshin Impact belt, Noah's Heart is an online RPG that we've talked about several times here on the site. Archosaur Games is the creator of the game and bets on an anime aesthetic and steampunk fantasy universe.

    Archosaur Games, for those who don't know, is a Tencent company. So we can expect a game with an above average quality level. Noah's Heart was previously in early access in Spain. The game already has a Spanish translation and should be released very soon.


    Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

    Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is one of the most anticipated releases by the wizard's fans. NetEase Games has revealed that it plans to release the game for Android and iOS sometime in 2022.

    The game with 3D movement and semi-open world delivers an adventure entirely in Spanish. But it is worth mentioning that the combat system may not please everyone.


    Mobile Hell

    NetEase revealed at its “NetEase Connect” gaming event that it will launch a mobile version of Battle Royale focused on hand-to-hand combat and RPG elements.

    It has not been said whether the mobile version will be identical to the PC version. The producer has already released a trailer for the game (video above).


    Battlefield mobile

    Battlefield mobile is not having the best of developments. Industrial Toys, an in-house EA studio, is behind the translating of 64-player combat to the mobile world.

    It is not easy. The game is still in alpha. It may be that we have a beta test still in 2022, but an EA report has already made it clear that the global launch will only be in 2023.


    Ace Racer

    Ace Racer dubbed “Asphalt by NetEase”, but in reality the game is more like Speed ​​Drifters. With an online focus, Ace Racer focuses on futuristic cars and beautiful girls.

    The graphics are the highlight and the gameplay is very arcadey. Ace Racer has already been released in Korea and has already been in beta testing in the west. It's not long before the global launch.


    Gangstar New York

    In beta testing on PC, Gangstar New York is Gameloft's new open world game. It will also have versions for mobile phones.

    Gangstar New York will have several modes in which players will be able to complete missions alone, co-op or face other players in multiplayer versus matches.


    Mission zero

    NetEase doesn't give up on investigation games with assassins. After the failure of Murderous Pursuits, the producer recycled the formula and made it more realistic.

    Mission Zero has a more “HITMAN” feel, but forget about singleplayer missions. In this game, two players will play assassins, whose job is to eliminate targets. The other players' mission is to stop the evildoers. Put like that, it sounds like Among Us, but forget about the cutesy look.


    Racing Master

    In addition to Ace Racer, NetEase games is preparing another racing game (there is a developer right?). Racing Master will have a more realistic feel and will be a game made in partnership with Codemasters, a renowned producer that makes F1 games for consoles and PC.

    Racing Master has already had two beta tests and the reception has been mixed. In the first, the graphics were excellent, but in the second, the company downgraded the look. The gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of the "Gran Turismo" pattern, where you have to take out licenses to rank up.


    Frostpunk: Rise of City

    NetEase is also developing the mobile version of Frost Punk. The strategy and resource management game has been in beta testing on mobile for a long time and should be released soon.

    In Frostpunk, the player must manage resources to prevent the death of the last city on Earth. The game surprises with political issues, where the player must manage not only materials, but people's quality of life.



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    Rainbow Six Mobile

    One of the big surprises of 2022 was the announcement of the launch of Rainbow Six Mobile. Ubisoft invited us to a press conference where we saw the game firsthand.

    Rainbow Six Mobile is in an advanced stage of development and will bring much of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege gameplay to Android and iOS.


    Naruto slugfest

    Naruto slugfest still trying to be released globally. The game that seemed like a success for sure, became one of the biggest embarrassments in the recent history of mobile games.

    Naruto Slugfest is an MMORPG that already has several versions in Asia. The game even had a beta test in Spain and is now in Spanish. What is missing then?


    Blade 2 Return of Evil

    Speaking of games that haven't been released in the west, Blade 2 Return of Evil will return (ah?) as an NFT game. The game will allow players to earn tokens that can be exchanged for real money.

    With hack'n slash style combat and beautiful graphics, Blade 2 Return of Evil will be released in South Korea sometime in 2022.


    Oceanhorn 2 (Android Version)

    Hope is the last to die. Android fans are still waiting for a Google system version of Oceanhorn 2.

    The action-adventure game has already been released for iOS, Mac and Nintendo Switch. Although much awaited by fans of games on Android, there is no scheduled release date. Currently, it is easier to use the Nintendo Switch emulator and run the game “on the fly”.


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