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    25 Offline Games for Android 2021 #2

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    Yes, it's been 4 months since 2021. (almost 5), and before you wonder what's going on and where we are, these are the 25 best offline games to Android launched in 2021.

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    1 – Bob Esponja: Battle for Bikini Bottom

    SpongeBob: Battle for Bikini Bottom is a 3D action game that is a remaster of a Playstation 2 classic.

    The game was released by surprise on Google Play and arrived with everything we want: good gameplay, controller support and offline.

    No in-app purchases and all in Spanish.

    A great 3D platformer to pick up and beat.

    2 – FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered

    Another surprise of 2021 was the release of Final Fantasy 8 Remastered.

    This version is the same version that was released for consoles and PC in 2019.

    The game is a complete restructuring of FF8, almost a remake.

    Improved textures, character models with more polygons and HD CGs. Very different from the PS1 version.

    Anyone who enjoys offline RPG can't help but check out this super game.

    It was just perfect. Another pearl of the games that we can play offline on Android.

    There are people who say there is a translation patch on PC, but we haven't had the chance to test this translation on mobile yet.

    The game is expensive, so play as you see fit.

    3 – Unruly Heroes

    Unruly Heroes is a 2D action game that was originally released for PC and consoles in 2019.

    The game was ported to mobile and recently launched for just R$9,99. Yes, a premium and offline game.

    The art is reminiscent of games like Rayman and Oddmar, I recommend it.

    An amazing and great game to beat on mobile.

    I recorded a gameplay video where I talk more about the game, check out the card.

    4 – Jetpack Joyride 2

    Jetpack Joyride 2 is the direct sequel to the acclaimed casual game released for iOS in 2011 and Android in 2013.

    Fans of Barry Steakfries' journey can now enjoy this new adventure available in regions like Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

    The new game is very similar to its predecessor, but renews the formula of the classic.

    The difference is to mix runner with shoot'em up. Now Barry can use different weapons to beat the game's bosses.

    5 – Crash bandicoot On the Run

    Revealed in February 2020, Crash Bandicoot: On the Run is finally available on Google Play and Spain's App Store.

    Although it is a genre already beaten on mobile, the runner gameplay perfectly matches the Crash theme, after all, several old games of the character had exactly the same gameplay.

    I know everyone would have preferred a better game, but that's what it is. The guys are not going to do a complete Crash just for general pirating.

    There are 12 different lands and 50 bosses to face.

    Despite being said that it requires internet to work, in our tests, the game ran offline.

    However, it does request connection from time to time to download additional content. so stay tuned

    6 – Knightin'+

    Knightin'+, the “Zelda-style” adventure game, released by Crescent Moon Games.

    The game is a short but very addictive dungeon crawler. The 8-bit graphics and chiptune soundtrack create an almost hypnosis that forces you to go all the way.

    If you've played classic games like The Legend of Zelda or A Link to the Past, you need to give this title a chance.

    The game was released for consoles and PC, and is now also available for Android and iOS.

    7 – Dadish 2

    Dadish 2 is a game where you are a radish and also a family man.

    With a cute look and accessible gameplay, this platform game is light and ideal for those who like games with a cute look.

    According to the developer, the adventure is bigger than the original. There are 50 stages in total.

    The commands are simple, right and left directional pad and jump button.

    Anyone who enjoys games like Mario Bros. will definitely spend some time playing Dadish 2.

    8 – Micetopia

    It's no use having a game looking like a badass, and in reality being those fan-made GTA demos that you get sick of in 3 minutes.

    Mycetopia is another indie game, this time published by Crescent Moon Games.

    You play as an adventurous mouse who wants to save his village from any dangers that may arise there.

    This game is a Metroidvania, but take it easy on the comparisons, because this is another short and good game to beat.

    It is paid, offline. The look isn't the best, but the mouse's journey is good to pass the time.

    9 – Angry Birds Journey

    Angry Birds Journey is the new game in the Angry Birds franchise.

    The game that will be released for Android and iOS soon.

    The title is already in soft launch (early access) in some countries.

    This one aims to be a cute and updated version of the classic Angry Birds. Title that needs no introduction

    The game is not released yet, but the APK is now available.

    It is not certain that it will be offline forever, as the game is in soft launch.

    10 – Dark Rise

    Darkrise is an action RPG with 2D graphics that was recently released on Google Play.

    Alice, Godric and Kira, 3 warriors with unique abilities, will face a gigantic map full of paths to explore.

    Enemies will spawn in front of you and portals can take you to other locations on the map in seconds.

    A game where you have to loot, explore various places and defeat the mobs and bosses that appear.

    It looks like a very simple game, but this formula is very addictive.

    Don't be surprised to go deeper and deeper into this pixelart adventure.

    11 – 321 Shootout

    321 Shootout is a first-person game with a focus on fast-paced and intense shooting.

    Therefore, the game dispenses with things like history or any explanation. Just pick up your weapon and go pouring bullets at enemies.

    Just shoot whatever comes your way as quickly as possible, to accumulate combos and earn more money.

    With that money, you can buy new weapons that will be needed to face the next stages.

    12 – TDZ 3 dark way

    The Dead Zone 3 is an action game that mixes puzzle, quick time events and shooting.

    The game puts the player in the shoes of a character who is trapped in a radioactive zone, in the former Soviet Union.

    Strange things start to happen. The dead rise and you gain inexplicably powers.

    You can see that the game's influences are on the STALKER series of PC games.

    The game is in Spanish.

    The Dead Zone 3's focus is on the story, so don't expect any big gunfights.

    13 – Kill It With Fire


    Have you noticed that a lot of people kill spiders by setting it on fire? What a strange habit, huh?

    But that's the theme of this bizarre PC game that has just arrived on mobile phones.

    In Kill It With Fire, you must kill the spiders that have infested your house.

    The game is actually a Puzzle. The player needs to find out where the spiders are hidden.

    For that, you can turn the whole house upside down, tear everything down.

    The “weapons” are clipboards, books, whatever you have within reach. You can even set the whole house on fire and fuck it.

    The game is free to try, but after a few stages you have to pay to enjoy the rest of the content.

    14 – Epic Conquest 2

    The free and offline RPG from Gaco Games reaches its second edition with Epic conquest 2.

    Like Darkrise, this is a very simple RPG game, but instead of being 2D, it's 3D.

    With a fun story, and in Spanish, Epic Conquest focuses on telling its narrative as if it were a console RPG.

    There is a lot of dialogue and interaction between the characters. Combat is hack'n slash style, but with very simple mechanics.

    Also check out the first game, it is offline too.

    15 – Star Wars Kotor 2

    Star Wars Kotor 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed offline roleplaying game featuring Star Wars characters. The game was originally released in 2004 on PC and in 2021, it arrives on mobile phones. The game is in English, but there is a trick to leave it in Spanish. This game is super difficult and gigantic. Wait at least 40 hours to see the end.


    16 – Extraction

    A simple and fun steath game. Ideal to pass the time.


    17 – CarX Rally

    CarX Rally is a different rally game. Tracks are created by an algorithm before the race starts. So every race will be a surprise.


    18 – Elite X

    Elite X is a racing game for Android created by a Spanish team of developers.


    19 – The Spike

    The Spike is an offline volleyball game for Android. It reminds a lot of a Super Nintendo classic: “Hyper V Ball”.


    20 - Mangavania

    Mangavania is a minimalist game intended to be a 2D platform action game. Despite the name, the game has sequential stages, it's not exactly a medroidvania.


    21 – Chaser Tracer

    22 – Solitaire Bliss Collection

    23 – House of Fear

    24 – Proton Bus Simulator

    25 – Rogue-like Princess!



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    [originally published May 7, 2021]

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