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    25 Offline Games for Android 2018 – Part 8

    Android games there are loads, but nothing is more annoying than discovering that a game requires an internet connection. for those who want to play offline, let's prepare another list with amazing games. This is the eighth edition of our offline games list. All games have been tested by our team at the time of writing this post.

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    1 – Path to Valhalla

    Path to Valhalla is a mix of Castlevania and Final Fantasy, with a hint of Dark Souls (on difficulty). In this 2D offline game, you control a Viking whose mission is to transcend to reach Valhalla.

    But it will not be an easy task. Face many zombies and monsters in this very difficult game. In the first phase, you will notice that Path to Valhalla does not “drive the player” like many other free games. The game has a bug of showing flags, but just tap the pause button for them to disappear.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 60 MB | Spanish language

    2 – Alien Agent: Star Battlelands

    Alien Agent is a mobile game that reminds a lot of a Super Nintendo classic: Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Your mission is to finish off the aliens nearby.

    Things are about to get complicated in this offline game. Shoot the monsters, but be careful not to get cornered. As you progress through the stages, you can collect upgrades and new weapons. Short game is only 13 stages. There's even a multiplayer mode, but it's online.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 50 MB | English language

    3 – Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

    This game is not new, but it deserves to be on the list. In this epic set 40 years ahead of the Warhammer franchise, we control robots in a dystopian steampunk future.

    In reality, the game is an “on rails” shooter and we really control the robots' weapons. The graphics are very beautiful, being one of the best looking offline 3D games on this list.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 500 MB | English language

    4 – Aqua Moto Racing 2

    A fun offline jet ski game awaits you in Aqua Moto Racing 2. Reminiscent of the classic Nintendo 64 game Wave Race, Aqua Moto Racing 2 features championships and many races.

    There are 48 tracks in total. The controls are simple and didactic. The 3D graphics are light and the game runs well on any cell phone. And best of all, I play 100% offline.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 80 MB | English language

    5 – Nails Forever

    Pako Forever is a version of the car chase game where the objective is to evade the police. Unlike other versions, the game is more casual. Upon death, you immediately start another game.

    A simple game to pass the time, but very addictive. Another novelty of Pako Forever are the power-ups that allow you to detonate with the police or transform your car.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 28 MB | Spanish language

    6 – Glory Ages Samurais

    Hack'n slash game with very nice graphics. Defeat various samurai and ninja in a game with simple commands, but very creative. Glory Ages is divided into phases and is completely offline.

    Enemies increase according to the phases, you need to know how to dodge and counterattack at the right time, because in addition to the health bar, your character has a stamina bar and can get tired after doing many blows.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 73 MB | English language

    7 – Asdivine Hearts 2 RPG

    Asdivine Hearts 2 is an RPG game that follows that classic RPG Maker pattern. Cute 2D visuals and a captivating story. Two years after the events of the first adventure, Zack and his friends find themselves on another mission, this time to save the parallel world of Archelio, which is about to be frozen.

    The game is offline, but after downloading it is necessary to download additional content. It takes somewhere around 125 MB and takes a long time (I don't know why), but the wait is worth it. The combat system follows the style of old Final Fantasy games, in other words, turn-based combat.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 93 MB | English language

    8 –

    Before it was called, is a Battle Royale game with elements reminiscent of Fortnite. huh? But this game genre is online right? Yes, but has an offline mode for you to train against bots.

    The player chooses the amount of bots to go up to 199 (if your smartphone can handle it). Enjoy this offline shooting game for Android with beautiful graphics and accessible gameplay.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 95 MB | English language

    9 – Exiled Kingdoms RPG

    Exiled Kingdoms is an RPG game in the classic mold. All in Spanish, the game invites the player to discover the Andorian empire that is being destroyed in a magical cataclysm. After the invasion of monsters, humanity tries to rebuild itself.

    Your character will earn a living as a bounty hunter by completing quests. The combat system is real-time, and you can add allies to your party. The game is free to download and play, with missions that are longer than 30 hours. To enjoy the additional stories, once you've passed the main campaign, you have to pay.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 200 MB | Spanish language

    10 – Alto’s Odyssey

    Get ready for a skiing journey across the snowiest peaks to the desert sands in Alto's Odyssey. In the first game, we were a simple “llama herder”, but in the second game the journey is even further.

    Alto's Odyssey is much more challenging than the first game. But the extra difficulty rewards the player with beautiful scenery and the possibility to hitch a ride on balloons. A great offline game for Android that reinvents itself with each new level.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 57 MB | Spanish language

    11 – Zombie Empire

    Zombie Empire is a light game and ideal for those who want a zombie shooter, but that is light and offline. Face the undead and always take them to the head to be more effective.

    We started with a pistol, but in a short time it is possible to buy better weapons. The game hides some surprises like zombies inspired by other games like Resident Evil. I even found a Licker.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 73 MB | English language

    12 – The Pillar

    The Pillar is a first-person puzzle game. Reminds me a lot of games like The Witness (PC and consoles). The player walks through scenarios full of puzzles to solve.

    The graphics are all in 3D and the puzzles are always proposed in order to open the way to a new area. A great game for those who like enigmatic games.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 50 MB | English language

    13 – Grand Mountain Adventure

    Remember that Windows 95 ski game? Probably not, you weren't even born at the time. But he grew up…. Memes aside, Grand Mountain Adventure is an offline game with beautiful graphics and intuitive gameplay.

    Control the skier and go down icy mountains. The highlight is even the look of the game. One of the most beautiful offline Android games released in 2018.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 103 MB | English language

    14 – BOMBARIKA

    Nobody is calm with a bomb about to explode in the house, right? This is Bombarika's proposal. In this different puzzle, the player needs to figure out how to dispose of the bomb, deactivate it or store it in a safe place.

    In this type of game, don't be surprised to understand the solution only on the fourth or fifth time you play the same level, it's normal! Bombarika is completely offline, but playing with the internet on can be annoying because of the ads. An ideal game to pass the time.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 82 MB | English language

    15 – Exit Hero

    In this very funny game, you are the security guard in a building and your mission is to take everyone to the exit. It doesn't matter if it's a zombie apocalypse, the guy will save everyone. The hero of ordinary life is the building's doorman.

    There are 99 levels in total, so you can play offline without having to worry about connecting to the internet.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 44 MB | English language

    16 – Horizon

    Ketchapp's game is not new, but remains a hit on Android. The player controls a ship that must dodge obstacles to try to get as far as possible.

    The look is very pleasing and looks like those retrowave music videos. Of Ketchapp's offline Android games, this is for sure one of the most addictive.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 55 MB | Spanish language

    17 – Fusion Heroes

    Fusion Heroes is a strategy game of the “side defense” genre. The player commands the robots on one side of the scenario, which must defeat the other side.

    Simple and accessible gameplay. The animations are very good. The game is completely offline. There are many stages with varied challenges.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 29 MB | English language

    18 – Tank Stars

    In this tank battle with clear similarities to Gunbound and DDTank, the player must detonate other players' tanks in turn-based battles.

    But unlike other games of the genre, which are essentially online, Tank Stars has an offline mode. In it, it is possible to battle against the game in simple but captivating combats to pass the time. If you liked the genre and are looking for something more in-depth, we suggest the Worms franchise, which is also offline.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 99 MB | Spanish language

    19 – Formula 1 Race Championship

    One of the most searched offline games on Google Play are racing games. Formula 1 Race Championship brings exactly what fans are looking for: a free F1 game that doesn't require an internet connection.

    There are 11 tracks in total. Formula 1 Race Championship races have few laps and are ideal for playing on mobile. Your car has a nitro that must be activated using two buttons, a different solution, which requires more control on the part of the player.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 31 MB | English language

    20 – CASE: Animatronics

    Five Nights at Freddy's style game, but with 3D graphics and all in Spanish. We control an investigator who must spend a night at the police station. Around late in the morning, he starts to hear noises and the lights go out.

    Armed with only a flashlight and a tablet, to see the cameras, the objective is to escape from the murderous animatronics that are in the police station.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 128 MB | Spanish language

    21 – Dawn Break -Origin-

    The graphics are very beautiful and quite light. Dawn Break -Origin- presents itself as an offline RPG ideal for those looking for lush fields and characters with an anime look.

    Like every game of the genre, in Dawn Break -Origin- we can expect some freemium elements such as in-app purchases and a lot of items to equip your characters. It's part of the game, but it doesn't get in the way. One of the few games of its kind where you can play offline.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 764 MB | English language

    22 – Dustoff 2

    Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 is a game clearly inspired by the classic chopper game Choplifter III. Everyone who had a Super Nintendo (SNES) in the 90s probably had contact with a famous “8 in 1 tape”.

    It's time to revive Choplifter III, but as a Minecraft look and all in 3D. But that's not even a negative point. The game is all offline.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 764 MB | English language

    23 – Cyberunity biogenesis

    Cyberunity biogenesis is a strategy game for Android with elements reminiscent of the very expensive XCOM. The 3D graphics are very beautiful and the gameplay is very accessible.

    The only problem is that the game has a lot of bugs during the initial tutorial. But when it works, it's a great offline game for fans of the genre.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 213 MB | English language

    24 – MIRIAM : The Escape

    Platform game very much inspired by Limbo. Control a girl and walk through dark scenarios full of traps. In other words, a 2D platform game that is not so obvious and requires exploration and dedication from the player.

    There are 24 stages in total. A great offline game to pick up and beat. Playing without internet, not a single ad is displayed.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 37 MB | English language

    25 – Super Starfish

    Starfish need to swim through the sea of ​​stars and collect some of them to earn points. One of the most colorful and psychedelic games, that's exactly what ends our list of offline games for Android.

    Visuals full of color and simple and addictive gameplay. Ideal to pass the time.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 81 MB | English language

    And here ends our list, be sure to check out the other top offline games on the site. Do you have a genre that hasn't been addressed yet? leave a comment.


    [originally published October 31, 2018]

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