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    25 Best Paid Android Games of All Time – Part 1

    In these more than 10 years of the Android system, we have seen amazing games pass through our phones and tablets. Check out a timeless top with paid games that won't bore you with ads or in-app purchases.

    Many of the best paid Android games are conversions of Playstation 2, 3, Xbox 360 games and so on.

    Needless to say, the vast majority of games are offline, right?

    But there is a warning:

    This is a top of the best paid Android games of all time. Taking it from when Google Play was created there in 2008 and was called Android Market.

    So some of these games may have already been removed.

    1. GTA San Andreas

    Tem got his first smartphone about 5 years ago, he probably didn't know how difficult it was to create a 3D open world game.

    In the days of Java and Symbian cell phones, this was a distant and almost impossible dream.

    When new smartphones with Android, iOS and Windows Phone started to appear, the dream became real.

    But no one imagined what Rockstar was going to do.

    In the best 10 Year Challenge style, the company has committed to releasing several GTA games for Android and iOS.

    First it was GTA III, then Vice City and finally the icing on the cake, GTA San Andreas.

    One of the most memorable games on the Playstation 2, the icon of a generation, completely on mobile. And as if that wasn't enough, it still has control support.

    Launched in December 2013 on Google Play, San Andreas is even light for today's smartphones.

    Link to Download GTA San Andreas

    2. Minecraft

    Minecraft is another example of a paid game that stands the test of time and feels timeless. It was released for Android in 2011.

    The building game that mixes action and survival, has already passed the alpha stage and today features several modes.

    Before, Minecraft for Android was a limited conversion, dubbed the “Pocket Edition”. But Mojang has revamped the mobile version a lot.

    These days, it features the same amount of content as the Windows 10 version, including Realms mode.

    Even with years passing since its release, Minecraft remains one of the best-selling Android games.

    Minecraft trial version link (free)

    Link to Download Minecraft

    3.Ocean Horn

    Oceanhorn is a game that players often confuse players.

    It is quite common for people to think that the game was released first on PC and then went to Android.

    This is true, not to say that Oceanhorn was born on PC. The game was first released for iPhone and then ended up on computers and Android.

    This adventure with gameplay reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker is a perfect game to pick up and beat on mobile.

    Why is he worth it? You ask? This is an instant classic with a great campaign and story all in Spanish.

    That kind of game to stay in the player's memory as an incredible experience, and not as a hobby.

    We've already covered Oceanhorn in our list of must-see offline games to beat on Android. The link to this video is in the description and on the card above.

    Soon, Oceanhorn will receive a sequel that is confirmed only for iOS. Let's hope it doesn't take long for the Android version to arrive soon.

    First stages are free to test the game.

    Link to Download Oceanhorn

    4. Modern Combat 3 e 4

    Modern Combat 3 and 4 are the only games in the franchise that have remained paid games, and are still available on the Play Store.

    In Modern Combat 3, the United States suffers an unprecedented attack. The game's last name says it all, "Fallen Nation".

    Whoever is behind this is a private company that aims to profit from the war between the US, North Korea, Pakistan and Russia.

    You control James Walker, and you must go on a hunt for the terrorists who started the war.

    In Modern Combat 4, we have one of the best plots in the franchise. With the possibility of even playing with the villain. The game is one of the most developed characters in the franchise.

    Both are games with long levels, intense shooting and a lot of adrenaline. The campaign mode is the highlight with a wide variety of missions.

    Two gems of mobile games that every Android fan needs to know.

    Nowadays it's even sad to see Modern Combat 5 being retread for Nintendo Switch. A game that was initially paid, but Gameloft has already dismantled it all to focus on multiplayer.

    Link to Baixar Modern Combat 3

    Link to Baixar Modern Combat 4

    5. Soul Calibur

    In November 2013, Bandai Namco released on Andorid without warning Soul Calibur. It was quite a blow.

    A fighting game like that, complete on mobile, the same one that was originally released for Dreamcast. Plus, completely offline.

    The game of swords, nunchakus and sharp spears had classic controls with on-screen buttons, none of that frills of swiping back and forth.

    As if that wasn't enough, support for bluetooth and USB controls was complete. A delight!

    We couldn't be happier. At the time, Soul Calibur was a heavy game, but nowadays it would be light.

    It would be right guys, because it was removed from Google Play in 2017.

    Today, the classic Soul Calibur is only found on the “deep web”, there when you search for “APK+OBB”, you know what I'm talking about.

    6. Ravensword: Shadowlands

    One of the companies that only ROOT mobile gamers know about is Crescent Moon Games. This publisher brings together several indie studios, in addition to releasing their own games.

    You can already see that the year 2013 was kind of historic for mobile games. Many classics that endure to this day were released that year.

    A good example is Ravensword: Shadowloands

    Known as “Skyrim Mobile”, the game doesn't even compare to the classic PC and consoles, let's make that very clear, but also far from bad.

    Crescent Moon took Bethesda's game as inspiration and created a unique game for mobile.

    A true 3D action RPG, with many missions and completely offline. It doesn't have the epic story of Skyrim, but it shows what the mobile platform is capable of.

    Link to Download RavenSword

    7. The Amazing Spider-Man 1 e 2

    Gameloft has made many action movie games, but few will be missed as much as the classics The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2.

    It took even longer than I thought for them to be removed from Google Play. These days, the two open-world Spider-Man games are only available to those who have purchased them.

    Those who didn't buy it, will have to resort to the "APK+Obb of life" to be able to play the two games based on the movies with actor Andrew Garfield.

    Poor Andrew, although his movies aren't very good, the games based on them are the best Spider-Man games for Android.

    Both are offline.

    8. Série The Room

    Anyone who grew up playing PC games like Mist will recognize in The Room that feeling of mystery and the desire to solve puzzles.

    A very interesting case study. The guys at Fireproof games had the brilliant idea of ​​not opting for controls.

    The very act of sliding your fingers over the screen reflects in the way we interact with the strange mechanisms of The room. A direct connection between player and game, almost breaking the fourth wall.

    There are plenty of strange artifacts to discover, mechanisms that always reveal a clue to what's next.

    In each of them, the player unravels a piece of history.

    The Room has four games for Android, all are paid, in Spanish and offline.

    Link to Download The Room 1

    Link to Download The Room 2

    Link to Download The Room 3

    Link to Download The Room 4

    9.Dragon Quest VIII

    Released on Android in 2014, Dragon Quest 8 is one of the most expensive games on Google Play.

    The mobile version is the same as the consoles, one of the biggest and best RPGs on the Playstation 2.

    The only problem for the more prudish is that Dragon Quest 8 has only one view mode, portrait!

    In other words, with the cell phone “up”.

    In Dragon Quest 8, you control the last soldier of a kingdom, the king and princess have been transformed into animals. The princess became a horse and the king an ugly beast.

    To break the spell, you must defeat a mage. The three set out on a journey through the vast world of the Dragon Quest universe. Many friends and enemies will be made along the way.

    As in any RPG in the Dragon Quest franchise, it's the small moments, dialogues and fun situations that unite the plot.

    We start the adventure like who doesn't want anything, then we feel obliged to beat the game.

    Oh and if you found the character design similar to Dragon Ball, yes, it's Akira Toriyama.

    Dragon Quest is a very old game franchise, almost a religion in Japan. Here in Spain, the first contact we had with her was in the anime that aired on SBT.

    Link to Download Dragon Quest 8

    10. Horizon Chase

    Despite and retro, the game's visual is very beautiful!

    If you grew up in the 90s, you've most likely heard this song at some point. If not, no problem!

    Spiritual successor to Top Gear, Horizon Chase is an addictive arcade racing game.

    With fast gameplay and graphics running smoothly at 60 frames per second, this game requires skill and sharp reflexes.

    The game was released for Android in 2015, but gained several new features with constant updates and betters, including new tracks.

    Horizon Chase is free to download, but after the first few races, you have to pay.

    Like the games it was inspired by, Horizon Chase is a timeless game that has aged very well.

    It has even been ported to video game consoles such as PS4, Nintendo Switch and even PC.

    First races are free to test the game.

    Link to Download Horizon Chase

    11. Wild Blood

    Gameloft used to only produce classics. I just play "good"! From 2010 to 2012, we saw amazing games that we'll cover in depth in another video.

    But now I want to talk about Wild Blood. A third-person action game with elements reminiscent of God of War.

    It was the first and only Gameloft game to use Unreal Engine 3. After it, the developer had promised another shooter with Unreal, but it was cancelled.

    Wild Blood captivates immediately as it is very rare.

    There are few Google Play games that offer a campaign like his. Completely, without crying, without mimim, without in-app purchase, without annoyance.

    I want more games like this Gameloft.

    Link to Download Wild Blood

    12. Terraria

    Terraria is a sandbox-style construction game, similar to Minecraft.

    Developed from a 2D perspective, this little game, which doesn't look like anything, hides a lot, but a lot of content.

    Just like in Minecraft, the objective is to build a shelter and then explore the island.

    The entire game world is subject to destruction and reconstruction. The crafting system is exemplary with endless possibilities.

    Life on the surface follows the day and night cycle. Exploring this area during the day is safer, where you will be able to collect wood, pick flowers while killing some weak beings that end up jumping to your side.

    At night the bug catches with monsters and flying eyes roaming around.

    Terraria expands the genre in a rarely seen way. By betting on a 2D perspective, the game adds secondary characters as NPCs, giving a completely different tone to a game that many thought was just about “building things”.

    demo version link

    Link to Download Terraria

    13. Limbo

    Limbo features no text, no dialogue, but even so, it touches the player's soul like few games do.

    Originally released for Xbox 360 and later for PC and PS3, this timeless game is one of the best paid games on Android too.

    Developed by a tiny indie studio, the game overcame barriers and conquered the world, inspiring a legion of new game creators.

    In command of a boy lost in a forest, the player must escape traps, giant spiders and more to try to find the exit, or other people.

    The fact that nothing is explained to the player only makes Limbo more interesting.

    Demo link (free)

    Link to Download Limbo

    14. Valiant Hearts

    Trapped in the hell of the First World War, people with valuable hearts will try to survive in a game that mixes action and adventure.

    Despite the war theme, this game focuses more on solving puzzles.

    The story of four characters will intertwine in a touching game that shows the other side of the war. The inhuman, vicious and cruel side. But it also shows the hope that comes through those who survive.

    To give more foundation to the game, Ubisoft had the partnership of the creators of the documentary.

    This collaboration allowed Valiant Hearts to use dozens of pictures from the war and actual letters.

    Valiant Hearts shows a unique style, an experience far from the stereotypes of invincible warriors that FPS games try to convey.

    Demo version link (free)

    Link to Download Valiant Hearts

    15. Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes

    In the past, Ubisoft was one of the companies that most bet on paid games. In 2013, she released Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes.

    This RPG mixed with match-a-match puzzle is one of the games that show the brilliant experimentalism that the studio had. A very inventive title that requires a lot of thinking.

    The game had been released first for the Nintendo DS, and then was remastered in HD on mobile phones.

    The campaign mode of Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes has about 20 hours of adventure and action.

    The game's characters are sons of kings who witnessed the murder of their parents and set out for revenge.

    The game has about 40 different units, but the attacks are formed from the combination of these units, composing an almost infinite variety of powerful combos.

    Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes can still be found in the APK+OBB of life, but if you have a PC, you can buy the version on Steam for a good price.

    16. ICEY

    ICEY is an unmissable action-adventure game for Android.

    Developed by XD Network, this paid game features frantic combat between the cyborg girl ICEY, and equally cybernetic rivals.

    The game is not about "smashing" the attack button over and over again. Here, the player needs to make combos to perform devastating combos.

    Owner of a moderate challenge, but very good to beat, ICEY was so successful that it was also released for PC and consoles.

    Link to Download Icey

    17. Just One Show: The Best Park in the Universe

    Just a Show was a very popular Cartoon Network cartoon between 2010 and 2015. To crown the animation's popularity, an excellent beat'em up game for smartphones was produced: Just a Show: The best park in the universe.

    With simple controls and addictive gameplay, the game put you in the shoes of Mordecai and Rigby. The story was pretty cool, The park was going to space and the two fools had to fight several enemies to get everything back to normal.

    The game was all in Spanish, had great animations and lots of levels.

    Unfortunately, the game was removed from the Play Store in 2017.


    Implosion is one of those hidden gems on the Play Store. Those who are usually only interested in free games, don't even know that this pearl exists.

    A hack'n slash game, with excellent graphics and all in Spanish.

    In Implosion, our planet went to hell for centuries, a group of explorers return for a routine mission and discover that there are humans still living on the devastated planet.

    This game has an excellent campaign, with bosses that will be a lot of work. Launched in 2015, Implosion still impresses with its graphics, but nowadays, the game runs at maximum on any intermediate cell phone.

    First stages are free.

    Link to Download Implosion

    19. Monster Hunter Stories

    Monster Hunter Stories is one of the newest games on the list, but it already deserves our mention. The game is the same as the Nintendo 3DS with even more beautiful graphics, all in FullHD.

    Monster Hunter Stories is part of that standard of Japanese games that quality comes first.

    The game needs at least 3GB of space as there is a lot of content.

    With a unique artistic style, which combines impressive animations with very good graphics, this Monster Hunter Spin-off brings what is expected of a good Japanese RPG, and in this regard, this type of game never gets old.

    The only thing that might disappoint some is the combat style, the battles are turn-based.

    Link to download the trial version (free)

    Link to Download Monster Hunter Stories

    20. Republic

    When big franchises don't go to smartphones, it's time to meet the new work of producers of these franchises. A good example is République, a game from producers of games like Metal Gear Solid 4.

    République mixes Stealth with that camera system from the first Resident Evils.

    In this game, we help Hope, a girl who is the victim of a scientific experiment, to escape her tormentors and start a small revolution in this totalitarian state.

    Resident Evil-style puzzle solving is the highlight of the game, in addition to the goals of going completely unnoticed by enemies.

    A great game for those who enjoy suspense and action on mobile. Oh, and it's all in Spanish.

    First episode of République is free.

    Link para Baixar Republic

    21. SNK fighting games

    Finding good fighting games for Android can be an arduous task. But if you're a fan of SNK games, you've got a nostalgia feast waiting for you.

    I won't name just one, but several SNK games that are worth buying for those who enjoy a good challenge.

    Garou: THE KING OF FIGHTERS 97, 98, Samurai Showdown 2, FATAL FURY SPECIAL and of course Mark of the Wolves, one of my favorites.

    All games have na controllers and also support bluetooth controllers.

    Link to Download Kof 97

    Link to Download Kof 98

    Link to Download Samurai Shodown

    Link to Download Garou Mark of the Wolves

    22. XCOM: Enemy Within

    Forgotten in the catacombs of the Play Store is one of the most incredible strategy games ever invented on any platform.

    XCOM: Enemy Within is a must for any genre fan.

    In the game, the aliens, in the same gray style, invade the earth. You control a unit destined for street-to-street combat, a real civil war.

    Enemy Within was originally released for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, but is now fully available on Android.

    It was a nightmare to run this game at launch, but today, it runs on any mid-range smartphone.

    Just don't expect any ease. XCOM is one of those quarries, it will require every last neuron to reach the end and defeat the aliens.

    Link to Download XCOM

    23. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

    Another example of literally “Hidden” game that few people know

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic or KOTOR for the intimate is an RPG made by BioWare and published by LucasArts. Released for the first Xbox in 2003. The game came to cell phones completely.

    A true and worthy offline RPG to play, play and play like there's no tomorrow. The campaign yields an easy 30 hours of gameplay and if you're going to complete all the side missions, get ready for 44 hours of a lot of Star Wars.

    In KOTOR, the story takes place long before the movies, 4 years before. When Darth Malak, a Sith Lord, decides to start a war against the Republic.

    The player starts out as a Jedi, but can choose which side to take.

    Link to Download Star Wars KOTOR

    24. The Walking Dead

    Telltale collapsed in 2018, but its games are thankfully still on Google Play.

    The Clementine saga is worth every penny. See the girl's evolution from the first The Walkand Dead to the third game.

    Adventure games that tell a narrative with twists that make any The Walking Dead writer purple with shame.

    I won't even go deeper into the plot to avoid giving spoilers, but I'll just say that so much happens, that this "one saga" had to be divided into 3 games. however, the first is not in Spanish.

    The first episodes of each game are free!

    Link to Download TWD 1

    Link to Download TWD 2 

    Link to Download TWD 3

    Link to Download TWD Michonne

    25. Chaos Rings

    To close our list with a flourish, one of the greatest mobile classics that was lost in time.

    Chaos Rings was developed by Media Vision, and published by Square Enix. A beautiful RPG that tells the story of a ship that arrives to “reset a planet”.

    Known as "The Ark", the ship collects 4 couples who will duel each other in order to be chosen to be the new "adam and eve".

    Chaos Rings will look dated these days, but it's worth remembering that the game was released for iPhone in 2010, and arrived on Android in 2012.

    The combat system is very reminiscent of Final Fantasy games with turn-based combat. To change things up a bit, puzzles and large areas to explore on the “ship” are added.

    Chaos Rings has well-known names in the production, such as the composer of Wild Arms, and Takehiro Ando, ​​game designer who has worked on games like Valkyrie Profile.

    Chaos Rings 1, and two other sequels have already been removed from Google Play, nowadays only CHAOS RINGSIII It's still in the app store.


    A big hug and until next time.

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