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    25 Best Free Games for iPhone and iPad – Q2 2013

    We almost forgot to give the “Season Finale” for the year 2013 in terms of games for iPhone, iPod Touch e iPad. So check out the 25 best iOS games of 2013. There is a bit of everything. Download them all and enjoy discovering new games that you may not know!

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    – Clumsy Ninja

    iOS surprised last year with dozens of wonderful exclusive games. One of them is Clumsy Ninja. Your objective is to interact with this young pupil and train him so that he can one day obtain the greatest honor: a meeting with his favorite ninja. The game is fun, has great graphics and impresses (really!) by the possibilities of interaction with Ninja. If you're thinking of something along the lines of Pou or My Talking Tom, forget it! Clumsy Ninja is an exceptional game of a totally different standard.

    Download Free Game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Clumsy Ninja
    iOS 5.0 – Game in English


    – Dead Trigger 2

    Killing zombies has never had as much meaning as in Dead Trigger 2. In this sequel, the player will have to put an end to a worldwide infestation. But for this great task, players will have a backup: other players playing around the world. Dead Trigger 2 is fully online, although it does not have multiplayer matches. The game saves your 'save' to the cloud. preventing you from losing progress. A vibrant game with great graphics and lots of shooting. Gameplay has been simplified, but the player can change the control scheme at any time.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Dead Trigger 2
    iOS 7.0 – Game in Spanish


    – Asphalt 8: Airborne

    Asphalt 8 is free forever and that was one of the best news of the second half of 2013. The arcade-style racing game may not please simulation fans, but it is the best arcade racing game for iOS. Other titles have tried, but only Asphalt combines explosively: Jumps, speed and insane tracks. A racing game to go down in history. Asphalt 8 has many cars and hundreds of events to unlock. The big news is the Infection mode, where a runner gets infected and gains infinite nitro.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Asphalt 8
    iOS 5.0 – Game in Spanish


    – FIFA 14

    Another paid game that went free was the new game in the FIFA series. With graphics very close to the previous version, FIFA 14 brings new gameplay that promises to please casual and hardcore players. For casual gamers, FIFA 14 offers free modes and simplified controls. For those who are a fan of a round, FIFA 14 reserves the best paid modes and offers classic controls that simulate a video game console. FIFA 14 is entirely in Spanish and contains player names that are constantly updated.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – FIFA 14 coins
    iOS 5.0 – Game in Spanish


    – Fightback

    Fightback is a fighting game created by Ninja Theory. The studio behind successful games like the new Devil May Cry is responsible for this simple yet addictive fighting game. The story is a cliché: save the sister kidnapped by a gang (Art od Fighting?) However, the highlight is the casual and refreshing gameplay that fits like a glove on touchscreens.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – FightBack (US App Store only)
    iOS 5.0 – Game in English



    – Angry Birds Go!

    Angry Birds Go! is a game for iOS that strays a little from the genre that established the franchise on mobile phones. But anyone who thinks the game is a “Mario Kart” with birds is wrong. Angry Birds Go! retains the essence of 'shoot-aim-fire'. But this time, the target is the best course to get in the best position in this crazy race. Angry Birds Go! It has great graphics, but only offers the casual package. So if you expected a game with online kart championships, you can take the bird out of the rain.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Angry Birds Go!
    iOS 6.0 – Game in Spanish


    – Heroes of Dragon Age

    Imagine a chess game where the pieces have special attacks? That's the purpose of this combat-focused RPG. The game brings the “pieces” of Dragon Age into a unique strategic combat. The game is free, but of course the best parts are hard to come by. However, it is possible to have a lot of fun in this excellent strategy game. But be aware that it requires constant internet connection.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Heroes of Dragon Age
    iOS 5.0 – Game in Spanish


    - Thor: The Dark World

    The God of Thunder has once again descended on Apple's platform. This time, Thor arrives alongside the second film to present gameplay that mixes Diablo with MOBA. Take control of Thor and some of his sidekicks on incredible adventures across the realms of Asgard and nine other worlds. Controls boil down to screen taps, so if you were expecting a game with commands like analog and attack buttons, Thor the Dark World might disappoint a little. The game is all in Spanish and is authored by Gameloft.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Thor: The Dark World
    iOS 5.0 – Game in Spanish


    – Gunner Z

    Command a super-equipped Jeep on suicide missions to cleanse a city of zombie infestation. The endeavor is dangerous, but quite profitable, as several other mercenaries are also keen to take the job in his place. Watch out for them as they can be more dangerous than zombies. The game is free and has different graphics and gameplay.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Gunner Z
    iOS 6.0 - game in english


    - Where's My Water? 2

    Where's My Water? 2 is pretty much the freemium version of Where's My Water? That's right, it has new levels, but the gameplay is almost the same. Like Plants vs Zombies 2, this game could be considered a Where's My Water? 1.5. Criticism aside, the game is free, a great choice for kids who can't download the first game, which is paid. Recently, Where's My Water? 2 received an update that removed much of the purchases and game-limiting systems.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Where's My Water? 2
    iOS 5.1 - game in spanish


    – Giant Boulder of Death

    In this game, you're a giant ball rolling down a mountain and absorbing everything in its path. A different game that has unique graphics. The fun is in running over as many things as possible to accumulate points. But care must be taken with the barricades and other measures that mountain dwellers will take to preserve their lives and property.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Giant Boulder of Death
    iOS 6.0 - game in spanish


    – Plants vs. Zombies 2

    Plants vs Zombies 2 is a free and improved version of the first game. Now the adventure to destroy zombies crosses time and all for the sake of a delicious burrito. The fun game Popcap is all in Spanish and offers different entertainment, presenting strategy in a casual guise. It is one of the must-play games for anyone who likes mobile games.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Plants vs. Zombies 2
    iOS 5.1 - game in spanish


    – Ultima Forever

    In Ultima Forever you will participate in an online adventure in the MMORPG genre. With beautiful graphics and superior vision, Ultima Forever takes the name of one of the most important role-playing games in gaming history and puts new players at the disposal of an entirely new game. The big news is the possibility of interacting with other players, participating in elaborate dungeons full of challenges, where teamwork will be essential.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – last forever
    iOS 5.1 - game in english


    - Batman: Arkham Origins

    Batman: Arkham Origins is a fighting game featuring models and characters from the Batman game of the same name for video games. The iOS version is a little limited, bringing only quick combats and the possibility to collect various Morsegão outfits. It's a casual game, disguised as a hardcore game. A lighter grip and focused only on direct combats.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Batman: Arkham Origins
    iOS 5.0 - game in english


    - Madden NFL 25

    Despite not being a national preference, the football game NFL 25 is one of the best free games for iOS. Command players or the entire team at once in this American Football game. There are ways for you to play the manager, collecting players and changing the team's formation. Track plays with replays and choose the best plays to reach the touchdown.

    Download Free Game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Madden NFL 25
    iOS 5.0 - game in english


    – Amateur Surgeon 3

    Get ready for crazy surgery in Amateur Surgeon 3. A crazy game that could only be made by Adult Swim, the same producer of Robot Unicorn Attack. In Amateur Surgeon 3, you command surgeons who have no idea what they are doing and, miraculously, manage to cure the ailments of dogs and people. A fun game to relax. Amateur Surgeon 3 has different gameplay where you'll have to simulate surgeries through on-screen gestures.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Amateur Surgeon 3
    iOS6.0 – game in english


    - ARC Squadron: Redux

    ARC Squadron: Redux is an incredible spaceship game that is very reminiscent of a supreme classic of the genre. Of course we are talking about Star Fox 64. In command of superships, the objective is to complete the levels in several different levels. The game lacks a little in history, but the gameplay very similar to Star Fox is worth the investment, since the game is free. Download now!

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – ARC Squadron: Redux
    iOS 5.0 - game in english


    - OMG TD

    God of Olympus will be present in a game where you must stop the raging mass. Use all the strategy available in this Tower Defense game that involves Zeus, Hercules, Athena and other characters from Greek mythology. Focused on fun, the game starts easy, but as you move to the next stages, new enemies will appear, stay tuned.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – OMG TD
    iOS 5.0 - game in english


    – Pocket Trains

    A hilarious game for those who are crazy about trains, that's how Pocket Trains can be described. Your mission is to travel through several countries aboard these iconic and simple instruments of locomotion. The game playfully explores the history of one of humanity's most important means of transport. At the same time, simple and fun gameplay is presented, captivating the player. The game is free and offers long hours of fun.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Pocket Trains
    iOS 6.0 - game in english


    – Table Top Racing

    With several racing games on the list, we couldn't help but include this one. Tablet Top Racing is a game that deceives by the “cover” in an extremely positive way. It is an excellent racing game with impressive graphics. But forget the realism, here everything happens on tables and we are talking about racing with toy cars. The game has easy controls and it is possible to play a lot without having to pay anything. A great game for those who enjoy games like Mario Kart and Rock'n Roll Racing.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Table Top Racing
    iOS 5.0 - game in english


    – Dark Slayer Ex

    Dark Slayer Ex is a colorful RPG with a vibrant look, in the best JRPG style. The highlight of Dark Slayer Ex is the animations and fight scenes. When the view is sideways and the player controls all the action. Those who enjoy RPGs with an anime look can't miss Dark Slayer Ex, the game has beautiful arts and very detailed scenarios.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Dark Slayer Ex
    iOS 4.3 - game in english


    Ratchet & Clank: BTN

    Sony portable mascots on iOS? That's right? Yes, Ratchet & Clank: BTN brings PSP and PS Vita mascots to iPhone and iPad. Control Sony characters in an Endless running game. The novelty of this game is the combats against large enemies that are quite intense.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Ratchet & Clank: BTN (App Store US only)
    iOS 5.1 - game in english


    Galaxy on Fire – Alliances

    Galaxy on Fire Alliances is a strategy game focused on colony building and management. The title, based on the Galaxy On Fire franchise, leaves the action aside to focus on pure and simple strategy. You start out in a small colony and soon you will be managing a set of planets. The focus of the game is online multiplayer, where players will have to ally to defend their colonies.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Galaxy on Fire – Alliances
    iOS 6.0 - game in english


    – Lawless

    Lawless is a shooting game with simple mechanics. You do not freely command the characters, but only during the firefight. The game is reminiscent of old shooters that were arcade hits like Virtua Cop. But in Lawless, you control the bad guys and their mission and detonate everything that comes your way. The game has great graphics.

    Download Free Game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Lawless (App Store US only)
    iOS 6.0 - game in english


    – DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot

    Ducktales is a third-person shooter that features characters from this classic cartoon. The game is not real gun shooting, after all, the game is from Disney. What impresses in Ducktales is the graphics that even reminds you of a game for consoles. The game is very casual and focuses on online multiplayer.

    Download free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – DuckTales: Scrooge's Loot
    iOS 4.3 - game in english


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    [originally published January 26, 2014]

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