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    25 Best Free Games for Android – 2nd Semester 2017

    See the second part of our top 50 best free games for android. In 2017, a lot of people said that good free mobile games didn't come out. What a lie, huh! In this list we squeezed 29 into 25 positions, and many others were left out.

    It is worth remembering that this list is of titles that does not matter if the game is offline or online. In case you're only looking for offline games, check out our exclusive section.

    Not to mention the previous list, one of the most accessed posts of the year. Sometimes I wonder what these people who criticize free mobile games play.

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    – SEGA games: Gunstar Heroes, Sonic, Beyond Oasis, Streets of Rage

    In 2017, the big highlight in terms of free games was the SEGA Forever initiative. The legendary producer brought great titles from arcades and Mega Drive to Android phones. All for free. Just have an internet connection. It is also possible to play offline, but for that, you have to pay.

    Of these games, our recommendations are the unmissable ones.

    • Gunstar Heroes
    • Sonic 2
    • Beyond Oasis
    • Street of rage

    – Rules of Survival

    One of the big surprises of 2017 was the Battle Royale style games. Google Play was taken over by games of the genre and the highlight is the excellent Rules of Survival.

    The game with very beautiful 3D graphics, manages to be light enough to run even on intermediate devices. In addition, Rules of Survival has its own charisma being a more “futuristic” version of PUBG-style games. Matches can have up to 120 players at the same time (awesome).

    Free Download Link

    – Hero Mission

    Another shooting game that stood out in 2017 was Hero Mission. Yes, that Overwatch-style game was released in the west, and in English. This amazing game has arrived and is now available on Google Play.

    The funny part is that, as the “Hero shooter” genre took a turn for the worse, after the explosion of Battle Royale, Hero Mission also got a PUBG-inspired mode.

    – Arena of Valor

    The Chinese invaded hard in 2017, and left no stone unturned. After dominating in the shooting game genres, they want to dominate the MOBA genre as well. For this, Tencent brought, at the end of the year, its Arena of Valor.

    This is the same game originally from China, Strike of Kings. The biggest success of that country, which even beat League of Legends. Arena of Valor highlights the licensed use of famous characters, such as DC Comics heroes.

    Free Download Link

    – Battle Team: RPG

    Battle Team is a role-playing game for Android and iOS that follows exactly the formula of the most recent titles of the genre. The game is not afraid of being online, turn-based and grinding. But the story and visuals of the characters make up for these flaws.

    The mission is to assemble a team of up to 6 characters and face the villains of the Galaxy. Like any other game of its kind, it offers a glimpse of the characters' maximum potential, only to then put the player right at the beginning of the game.

    Free Download Link

    – Tower Fortress: Run and Gun

    Tower Fortress is an excellent platform shooter that doesn't follow the traditional pattern of running to the right. In this game, the character must climb a tower, facing dangerous enemies. Available for free on Android and iOS, Tower Fortress is free and offline.

    Free Download Link

    – Driveline: Rally

    Driveline is an offline racing game created by newcomer Retrotech. Recently released, the game has a visual and gameplay quality that clashes with “Nomões” such as Asphalt Xtreme. Driveline is now available on Google Play and has an incredible size of just 60 MB (103 MB installed).

    Free Download Link

    – Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage

    Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage is a great action and strategy game for Android. Build your team of ninjas and face challenges alone or against other players.

    The focus of Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage is really the multiplayer. But this strategy, widely commented on in videos, is totally dynamic. The player does not get the impression that he is playing a game focused only on that. Because there's a lot to do with the characters like evolving their skills and so on.

    Free Download Link

    – Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    It wasn't just SEGA that did well on mobile. Nintendo brought good updates to Fire Emblem Heroes and released Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

    Animal Crossing is a mix of simulator and casual game. The goal is to set up a camp for your friends and pets. The game is very cute and has that old Nintendo wisdom in putting together good mechanics and gameplay.

    Free Download Link

    – Shadow Fight 3

    Free fighting games were well represented with Shadow Fight 3. Much hyped throughout 2016, Shadow Fight 3 had a lukewarm launch.

    With a greater focus on multiplayer, the game has little singleplayer content compared to the previous game. However, the visuals are impressive, with fantastic graphics, and very light. Shadow Fight 3 runs well even on older mid-range phones.

    Free Download Link

    – Knives Out

    NetEase released two very similar games. And as time has passed, Knives Out stands out more and more. It is the game available on Google Play Br (already officially released), more similar to PUBG. The game has already surpassed 50 million downloads!!!!

    The scenarios are gigantic and the gameplay is very reminiscent of the popular PC game. Ideal for those looking for an experience closer to PUBG and not as mobile-oriented as Rules of Survival.

    Free Download Link

    – South Park: Phone Destroyer

    South Park: Phone Destroyer was released to accompany the release of the PC and console game, “The Fractured But Whole”. The mobile game is a must for fans of the cartoon.

    Gameplay is a mix of cardgame and strategy game. You could say that Ubisoft wanted to do something in the style of Clash Royale, but with its own identity. It worked out! The game is already a success with over 2 million downloads even before the final release. But the biggest highlight of the game is that it has, in addition to PvP, a campaign mode.

    Free Download Link

    – Digimon Links

    Digimon Links finally arrives in the west. Launched in 2016 in Japan, the role-playing and farm simulation game is now available for Android and iOS in Spain.

    At last! After a year of the release of Digimon Links in the east, the game arrived today for those who live in Spain. Digimon Links is available in the BR versions of the Android and iOS app stores. In Links, the player fights battles, collects Digimon and takes care of a ranch.

    Free Download Link

    – Road Warriors

    Road Warriors is a 16-bit side scrolling racing game. You control a super-equipped car and your mission is to destroy other competitors. To accumulate points, the player can pick up golden coins along the way or perform stunts during jumps.

    The controls are simple. Tap the screen to jump. During the jump, the car can turn to the right or left, performing loops. Hit the landing to gain an extra boost. Cars are full of weapons. During the jump it is possible to shoot enemies.

    Free Download Link

    – Into to Dead 2

    Into the Dead 2 is the second version of that zombie running game. Now much less casual, the sequel is more focused on the story.

    But this game is not just about running, you can shoot the zombies and even beat the game, as the stages are divided into chapters.

    Free Download Link

    – Taichi Panda 3

    Taichi Panda 3 is an Online RPG with fantastic graphics. The game comes to compete with other games of the genre and offer the real experience of a PC MMO on mobile.

    Another recommended game in this genre is Crusaders of Light by NetEase.

    Free Download Link

    – Data Wing

    In Data Wing, the player controls a small arrow that will have to go through tracks to the sound of retrowave music in a racing game guided by an unusual story. With versions for Android and iOS, Data Wing also stands out for being a completely offline game.

    In the game's story, an emoticon accompanies your journey within a computer system. Follow Mother's instructions to see this strange story unfold.

    Free Download Link

    – Kingdom Hearts Union X

    Kingdom Hearts Union X follows a proposal very similar to the history of Kingdom Hearts console games. You will wander through various Disney and Square Enix worlds and you will encounter classic characters that will be either friend or foe.

    Free Download Link

    – Pocket Rally

    Pocket Rally is a Racing game developed by Illusion Magic Studio. The game is visually beautiful and has good physics. One of the few Rally games where you compete in races with other cars.

    With 8 very detailed tracks, Pocket Rally takes you from the ruins of ancient cities to the great mountains. It has support for various types of gamepad (Bluetooth, OTG and USB controllers) and also various touch options.

    Free Download Link

    – Sonic Forces Speed Battle

    The runner-style game focuses on online multiplayer. We've talked about it before and it's worth remembering that its APK is already available. Speed ​​Battle arrives on November 16th for Android.

    Sonic Forces Speed ​​Battle works like this: you and three other players will face an online race. To win it is not enough to be the fastest. It is necessary to leave the enemies behind, using power-ups.

    Free Download Link

    – Modern Combat Versus

    We know how much Modern Combat Versus suffered upon its release. It was disastrous. But past the initial problems, it has proved to be a great game for quick matches.

    The shooting is intense in this game with very beautiful graphics. However, to enjoy the game you need to have a powerful device.

    Free Download Link

    - Free Fire

    Free Fire is a PUBG-style game, which is very successful because it is light, ideal for cell phones with little processing power.

    The game stole all the attention of Bullet Strike (poor thing) and became one of the most popular games of the genre. Recently, Free Fire got an update that improves the graphics. Compared to NetEase games, Free Fire is faster, with shorter matches and smaller maps.

    Free Download Link

    – Pocket Conquest: RPG 3D

    Pocket Conquest is an online RPG with characters inspired by Pokémon games. With very beautiful graphics and translation into Spanish, the game exists only on the APK Pure website. Every now and then it appears on Google Play.


    – Speed Legends

    Speed ​​Legends (formerly Real Driving) is an indie game with tuned cars that has just arrived on Google Play. Although it is still in beta testing, the game has been released and can now be downloaded on Android. However, it is not compatible with some basic or old cell phones.

    Free Download Link

    – Gunbound M

    Gunbound M was released for Android on Google Play in Spain in 2017. Riding the nostalgia of the lan-house classic, the new game also focuses on the multiplayer experience.

    One of the best free games of yesteryear revived for the mobile scene.

    Free Download Link

    What year huh my friends? And there are still people who say that good free games did not come out in 2017. It is worth remembering that this list is for free games, regardless of whether they are offline or not. The list of offline games for 2017 and early 2018 is below.

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    [originally published January 22, 2018]

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