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    25 Best Free Android Games – 2018 – Part 1

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    It's time to check out the best free games for Android released in the first half of 2018. Unlike other previous lists, this one will be a top one, that is, the games will be organized according to the quality of gameplay, visuals, etc. See amazing and addictive games to download for free on your Android smartphone or tablet.

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    25 – Knife vs Fruit: Just Shoot It!

    Knife vs Fruit: Just Shoot It! one of the best free android games of 2018.

    We start the list with the fun Knife vs Fruit: Just Shoot It!. This casual game offers an unfamiliar challenge: throwing knives at fruit.

    The trick is to throw the knives in the correct places. It starts out simple and then gets really complicated, like any good casual game.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 35MB | Language: English | offline

    24 – Dragon Ball Legends

    Dragon Ball Legends. Best Free Android Games 2018.

    Dragon Ball Legends is a fighting game that many fans have been waiting for. It's been a while since Google Play needed a quality game with Goku and his friends. Saying that Dokkan Battle is about “fighting” makes me laugh.

    Dragon Ball Legends is no FighterZ, but at least it brings 3D graphics and a little more interactivity. Too bad he has so much monetization.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 429 MB | Language: English | online

    23 – BarbarQ

    BarbarQ broke the internet and is one of the sensations of 2018. Best Free Android Games.

    BarbarQ is a late post. We don't even talk about it, but this game released in late 2017 is excellent. Step into an arena and enjoy BarbarQ's sweet symphony of absolute confusion.

    The game was made based on “IO” style games. You start small, but gradually your character evolves. The gameplay is hack'n slash and the matches are addictive.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 50MB | Language: English | online

    22 – West Gunfighter

    Number 22 on our list of Best Free Android Games.

    West Gunfighter is a very complete action game, but it fits on any cell phone. It's only 25MB of data with a lot of missions.

    The variety of challenges is the highlight with missions featuring shooting, racing or just a good old sunset duel.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 25MB | Language: English | offline

    21 – Dead Rivals

    Gameloft has finally released this game that could not be missing from our list of Best Free Android Games.

    Dead Rivals is a different MMORPG. So different it doesn't even look like Gameloft. Control a group of survivors who are in a zombie apocalypse.

    The cartoon look and irreverent look reminds me of Zombiewood's Gameloft. The focus on action is the great secret of this title that offers varied missions and content in Spanish.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 1.6GB | Language: Spanish | online

    20 – Paladins Strike

    It's never too late to play a different MOBA like Paladins Strike. Best Free Android Games.

    MOBAs aren't so fashionable anymore, but still, Paladins Strike impresses and deserves to be on our list of the best free games for Android.

    The game arrived round, in Spanish. The gameplay is that of a MOBA, but with a focus on reproducing the battles that take place in the PC version. Heroes have similar abilities.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 235MB | Language: Spanish | online

    19 – Dissipation Final Fantasy: The Complete Works

    Final Fantasy is a franchise that has good paid and free games. Best Free Android Games.

    We reported that Square-Enix would release Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia in 2016. However, in Spain, the game only arrived in February 2018.

    Amid the confusion and fury with PUBG Mobile, there were people who didn't even notice. But you should. Opera Omnia is an impressive RPG, literally a 3D “Brave Exvius”. The player controls classic FF heroes in an exciting new adventure. An unforgettable game for fans of the franchise.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 1.5 GB | Language: English | online

    18 – Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle

    Time to kill everyone in this hilarious puzzle. Best Free Android Games.

    Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle was released on the first Friday the 13th of 2018 (there's another one in July). The game is a very fun puzzle that puts the player in the shoes of assassin Jason Voorhees.

    The highlight is the Puzzle-style challenge. The player needs to calculate his movements in order to remorselessly kill teenagers with hormones in their skin.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 84MB | Language: English | offline

    17 – Fishing Strike

    The craziest fishing game on the planet could not be left out of the list of the Best Free Android Games of 2018.

    Catch a small fish, come across a megadolon (giant shark) and take it down with Final Fantasy-style magic. It sounds like something no one would want to play, but it's just the opposite.

    Fishing Strike is not only bizarrely impressive, it's one of the best free games on Android. An RPG that plays up the realistic style of fishing games and puts the player at the center of incredible battles. Don't be surprised to duel against whales and sharks while trying to catch a miserable piaba.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 188MB | Language: English | online

    16 – Onmyoji Arena

    A moba with amazing characters. That's how this game can be described. Best Free Android Games.

    Still in softlaunch on Android, Onmyoji Arena is a MOBA that has been drawing a lot of attention from lovers of the genre. The game does have the expected gameplay and modes. But it's the look that stands out.

    Heroes are completely different from what we are used to. Based on Japanese and Chinese folklore, the game impresses with jaw-dropping art direction.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 1.5GB | Language: English | online

    15 – Stickman Soccer 2018

    Best Free Android Games for Football. Light and fun.

    Stickman Soccer 2018 arrived just in time for the World Cup. The football game is one of the best on Android, mainly because it focuses on offline play.

    Face championships, leagues and even the World Cup, in this game where all the players are faces made in the shape of a stick. The game is all in 3D, but it's quite light and runs on any cell phone.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 50 MB | Language: English | offline

    14 – Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers

    A hidden gem on Google Play. Lost Socks is one of the Best Free Android Games in terms of platform.

    Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers is a 2D adventure game that was released for iOS and finally arrived on Android. You control a sock looking for its other brother.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 500MB | Language: English | online

    13 – Sonic CD Classic

    The classic is back and could not be missing from the list of the Best Free Android Games.

    One of the best Sonic games on Android is back. Sonic CD had been removed but came back as a free game. This game is the faithful version of a classic released for SEGA CD in 1993.

    In the game's story, you need to collect the seven Time Stones to defeat Dr. Eggman and save Amy Rose.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 200MB | Language: English | online

    12 – The King of Fighters Destiny

    Surely this is one of the Best Free Android Games in terms of fighting.

    Although it's only in Chinese, every SNK fan needs to try The King of Fighters Destiny. The game with 2D visuals and beautiful arts, lets you play with classic fighters like Terry Bogard and Kyo Kusanagi.

    The best part is that you don't need to understand a lot of Chinese to evolve in the game. Just follow the arrows and fall into the fray against the villains of the franchise.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 700 MB | Language: Chinese | online

    11 – Grim Soul

    Just like The Last Day on Earth in 2017, Grim Soul was one of the surprises of 2018. Best Free Android Games.

    Grim Soul is the medieval/Diablo version of “Last Day on Earth”. The game was so successful that it caught the attention of the Kefir studio.

    Grim Soul bets on the same style of gameplay on which it was inspired. But the difference is the much darker setting. Those who like medieval things need to try this excellent game for Android.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 90MB | Language: English | online

    10 – Ark Survival Involved

    Ark Survival Evolved is highly anticipated as one of the Best Free Android Games.

    Even though much awaited by Android fans, Ark Survival Involved didn't look so good on cell phones. The graphics aren't that impressive.

    There are some really sloppy things, like the character's avatar, which looks like the "Thing" from the Fantastic Four. But aside from the “visual defects” on not so powerful devices, the game will surprise survival fans. Compared to other survival games with Dinosaurs, it's definitely the best game on Android.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 1.8 GB | Language: English | online

    9 – Helix Jump

    One of the most addictive “crap” of 2018, could not be missing from the list of Best Free Android Games.

    There is something therapeutic about Helix Jump. Really, I can't explain. Whenever I have a big problem to solve, it only takes about 5 minutes playing Helix Jump and the solution comes.

    This game will “reset” your brain like few games do. It seems like a minor thing, but if you have a lot to do, a few minutes playing this weird thing will help you relax.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 33MB | Language: English | offline

    8 – Blade & Wings

    Mobile is the home of online RPGs. Every year great games come out and 2018 was no different. Best Free Android Games.

    Blade & Wings was barely released and was very well received by the public. The game accumulates 4.8/5 on Google Play and is one of the highest rated new games.

    An MMORPG with good graphics and anime visuals. But what pleased the players the most is that it has a mode with offline missions!

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 373MB | Language: English | online

    7 – Dungeon Hunter Champions

    Dungeon Hunter Champions is on the list for the great combination of RPG and MOBA. Best Free Android Games

    In order not to lose ground to competitors, Gameloft has released its new RPG (which looks like a MOBA) Dungeon Hunter Champions. It employs concepts from both genres and will appeal to those looking for an Android game in the same style as “Summoner War”.

    But the highlight of “Champions” is its gameplay focused on action, not turn-based. In addition, the game features MOBA-style PvP mode. Without a doubt, it was a brilliant idea.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 235 MB | Language: Spanish | online

    6 – Crossfire Legends

    Crossfire Legends. Best Free Android Games.

    Crossfire Legends is a shooting game that comes to the west looking a little late (the original Mobile is from 2015). But the “Tencent” seal on the “Cover” of the game says a lot about the quality of the game.

    The game arrived here complete, with PvP and PvE modes. In PVP mode, players can count on the classic deathmatch in the best Counter Strike style, infection mode and others. But it doesn't stop there, Legends still has a Battle Royale mode, which makes the game one of the lightest of its kind on Android.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 500 MB | Language: Spanish | online

    5 – Lineage 2: Revolution

    Lineage 2 Revolution could not be missing from this list. Best Free Android Games

    Taking the fifth position we have Lineage 2: Revolution. The MMORPG was finally launched in Spain. The graphics are impressive, but at the same time, the game is very democratic, running well even on intermediates.

    The reason for the game to have lost some positions is the insistence of the producer in adopting the concept of “second screen”. A game with a focus on campaign mode wasted, as the bid here is clearly the online competitive one with epic battles.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 2 GB | Language: Spanish | online

    4 – Master of Eternity (MOE)

    Master of Eternity (MOE). Best Free Android Games.

    Speaking of anime, in the fourth position we have the addictive Master of Eternity (MOE). This strategy game for Android is a hidden gem for fans of hardcore games and anime fans alike.

    The game's abbreviation is a clear call to otaku fans of "cute girls". The gameplay is reminiscent of classic games like Front Mission. It seems like a game that doesn't deserve attention, but Master of Eternity surprises to the point of being one of the best games for Android and 2018.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 2 GB | Language: English | online

    3 - Honkai Impact 3rd

    Honkai Impact always appears in the best free android games lists.

    Who tells us to post Chinese games on the site, right? That's why Honkai Impact 3rd always ranks among the best Android games in different tops and lists. We first posted the game in 2016, when it was still only in Chinese.

    But this online RPG with hack'n slash action has already received English versions and finally, in 2018, it was released on Google Play in Spain. An unmissable game for anime fans.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 1 GB | Language: English | online

    2 – Shadowgun Legends

    Shadowgun Legends is one of the biggest releases of the year and certainly one of the best free android games.

    Shadowgun Legends is another technological marvel in terms of programming and optimization. A very well produced first-person shooter with a lot of story and content to explore.

    You've joined the Shadowguns, the coolest mercenaries in the galaxy. Your mission is to wipe out hordes of aliens while chasing fame as the coolest guy in the quadrant. The visuals are jaw-dropping and the gameplay is more geared towards co-op and solo campaign.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 1 GB | Language: English | online

    1 – PUBG Mobile

    PUBG Mobile certainly deserves to be at the top of the list of the best free Android games of 2018.

    PUBG Mobile reaches the first place due to its technical quality. It's a ridiculously well-made game for the Mobile standard. What is most surprising is the lack of purchases to “evolve”. There's none of that here, you're the one who needs to improve your skills by playing, not buying items.

    Without a doubt, the most played game on Android at the beginning of 2018 was PUBG Mobile. What seemed impossible a few years ago has come to fruition in the form of a game very similar to the PC version. So much so that it generated a somewhat misguided feeling in the public, that every PC and console game has an obligation to have an almost identical version on Mobile. Just look at Ark mobile to see that it doesn't always turn out as expected.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 1 GB | Language: Spanish | online

    And this was our top of the best free Android games of the first half of 2018. It's still a draft and the final version of the post will be updated at the end of June.

    [originally published June 12, 2018]

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