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    25 Best EGG NS Games (lightweight, compatible and even heavy)

    Want to know which are the best games that run on the emulator EGG NS?

    We have separated the games that run very well on the Nintendo Switch emulator for Android, the EGG NS.

    The list is separated into light and heavy games and is ideal for you to test according to the reality of your smartphone. It is worth remembering that the EGG NS requires at least an intermediate smartphone.

    Don't know that it is possible to emulate Nintendo Switch on Android? know all about EGG NS here.

    Oh and we have already indicated that to play it is recommended to have the Game Sir X2 ou X3, as it is possible to play without monthly fee. see a review of his X3 here.


    Light games for EGG NS




    The first game on our list could not be another, one of the most sought after games by those who want to play on EGG NS is Cuphead. This bullet shooter is literally a hell of a bullet and it works perfectly on the emulator.


    Hollow Knight


    Another popular game that works very well is Hollow Knight. A Metroidvania that extras more than expected from the formula and delivers a unique journey from Insect Knight.




    This award-winning indie game is little talked about, but it deserves its place in the sun. An adventure full of twists that tells the story of this boy who tries to save a kingdom that is already in ruins. This game is full of plot twists and features an enigmatic narrator and even time travel. Could the narrator be the character of the past? Then just playing to find out.


    Blazing Chrome


    If Horizon Chase is an homage to racing games, Blazing Chrome is a welcome homage to Contra games. The game is very light and runs like butter on the EGG NS. Shooting everywhere and a difficulty in the right measure.


    Ultra Street Fighter II


    Ultra Street Fighter II is the exclusive HD remake version of the classic fighting game. Highlighting the character "Violent Ken", the game delivers a rich and nostalgic experience.


    Octopath Traveler


    The mobile has an Octopath Traveler game, CoC, but it is free and full of in-app purchases. The Switch's Octopath Traveler is that typical JRPG full of charisma and an intriguing story. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes old-school RPGs.


    Record Of Lodoss War Deedlit In Wonder Labyrinth


    Deedlit In Wonder Labyrinth is a game heavily inspired by Castleva: Symphony of the Night. A 2D game with a lot to explore and a simple gameplay that catches you right away. The story is based on the anime and manga Record Of Lodoss War which was very popular in the late 90s.




    Another “Metroidvania”, but Blasphemous is not cute, but rather hideous situations. The game tells the story of a penitent warrior who will face characters that seem to be from a subversive religion. The gameplay has a "Dark Souls" feel, so expect an above average difficulty.


    Jotum Wax Edition


    A 2D exploration game with beautiful landscapes and creative animations. The sound effects are impressive and the ambiance is jaw-dropping. However, don't expect fast and fierce gameplay.




    Carrion is one of the craziest and most bizarre games I've ever seen, and it reminds me of how the handheld gaming scene was back in the day (and still is), full of creative games. Yes it's more of a metroidvania, but here it's the opposite, you control the monster that must attack humans. I felt here a reference to “The enigma of the other world”.




    You must be tired of seeing people recommend Limbo over the years, right? But what about the game that is practically the spiritual sequel to it? Inside is from the same studio and unlike Limbo it's not out on Android. But thanks to EGG NS, you will be able to enjoy this game. Control a boy who tries to escape from a totalitarian regime.




    Undertale is one of the most fantastic indie games that you and I are honored to know and play. A game that subverts the RPG genre and is a true adventure demonstrating the value of friendship. A unique game that runs very well on Android. The Switch version does not have Spanish subtitles. But it's a curiosity since fans ported the game in Spanish to Android.


    Ori and the Will of the Wisps



    The last of our light games is Ori, and the reason for that is simple, it's already starting to touch the heavy game barrier. Despite the 2D gameplay, Ori is actually a game with 3D graphics with lots of lighting effects. There are hacks that allow you to run it on weaker phones, but you will lose most of these effects.


    EGG NS compatible and heavy games

    And we arrived at the part of the list that is most interesting for those who have a top smartphone. If you bought a controller Game Sir X2 ou X3, most likely you bought it to try to run these games.

    The games on the list below need at least a smartphone with Snapdragon 855 or higher. If this is your case, prepare to be amazed, as you are about to unlock a new level of mobile game emulation.

    Notice: Despite the games presented here they run without problems most of the time. We do not guarantee that they will work 100% of the time. Furthermore, there is the problem of overheating of the smartphone. We recommend testing these games only if you have one cooling cooler like this one here.


    Super Mario Odyssey


    That's right! The main Mario game on Nintendo Switch is perfectly playable on EGG NS. Super Mario Odyssey is a fantastic 3D game and one of the most fun adventures of the mustachioed plumber. Control Mario in his attempt to save Princess Peach who has been kidnapped by Bowser.


    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4


    With the latest EGG NS update, the emulator manages to masterfully run Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. The game that is the dream of many Naruto fans is now available to play on Android phones. Everything is clear, thanks to the EGG NS emulation.


    Dragons Dogma


    Originally released for PS3, Dragons Dogma comes from a time when open worlds and beautiful 3D graphics were still in their infancy. From the same time as Skyrim, the game delivers combat that was engaging (for the time). The Switch version even runs well on the EGG NS and the more action-focused gameplay is great for those looking for an Action RPG.


    Dark Souls


    And speaking of action and RPG, Dark Souls works almost perfectly on the EGG NS. I say almost, as emulating this masterpiece takes a lot, and you'll need at least a Snapdragon 865 processor or better. In the video above, you can see configuration tips to make the game faster.


    Crash Team Racing


    Crash Team Racing is a racing game that features the characters that were almost Sony's mascots. The layout is Mario Kart style (Oh! and before you ask, Mario Kart doesn't work on EGG NS).


    Mario 3D World Deluxe


    Without a doubt, the cutest Mario adventure right now is Mario 3D World. After all, who can resist Mario in kitty clothes? This 3D adventure game was first released on the Nintendo Wii U and later ported to the Switch.


    Resident Evil 5


    The classic and controversial fifth main game in the Resident Evil franchise, bet on more action and has crazy scenarios and scenes. Given the impression that it is more action than horror, this game is quite fun. It was first released for PS3 and Xbox 360 and then ported to Switch.





    Despite appearing to be a simple game, Hades demands a little from the cell phone and that's why it's here on the list of heavy games of EGG NS. But he's not that heavy. In this game you control Lucifer's son who wants to get out of hell. The game is a roguelike and has great gameplay.


    Resident Evil Revelations



    This game was released on the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 4. I don't know if this is due to Capcom's knowledge of the handheld, but the Switch version is extremely light and this is reflected in the emulation. In the game you control Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield in a new mission against biological terrorists.


    Where are the Zeldas? Watch out! They want to deceive you!

    Beware of a lot of youtuber out there who say that these games below are running smooth. They are not! They run for a few minutes, then the game closes and you have to start over.

    Games like The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and many others still don't run perfectly and neither does most of the game. At a certain point they stop and it is no longer possible to move forward. Test at your own risk, because in cases that the cell phone gets all white screen and it is necessary to restart.

    • The Witcher 3
    • Breath of the Wild
    • Crysis
    • Need for Speed Hot Puersuit remastered
    • Dragon Ball FighterZ
    • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu from Yaiba
    • Doom (2016)
    • Sniper Elite 4
    • Skyrim
    • Mario Strikers
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