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    25 Best Android and iOS Games of 2021 (Semester 2)

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    The year 2021 has come to an end and it is time to analyze what were the best games for Android and iOS of the second semester.

    But the really good ones. No click bait or hype.

    I know you guys spent a good part of the year playing Xbox games on xCloud or PS2 on AetherSX2.

    So for those who missed the launch news of the second half of 2021, it's time to meet.

    As usual, games in soft launch or beta test, or games that came out of Spanish stores are not included in the list.

    Oh! And if you missed a game on the list, don't forget to comment. Also take a look at the other video with the best Android and iOS games of the first half.

    Message given, let's go to the list!

    Table of Contents

    • Trials of Mana
    • Pokemon Unite
    • Sparklite
    • Combat Master
    • Nexomon: Extinction
      • Best Android and iOS Games of 2021 – 1st semester
    • PUBG New State
    • Relumin
    • My Friend Peter: Ripe for Revenge
    • Mind: They return
    • Sky Warriors / Sky Gamblers Infinite Jets
    • Slender the Arrival
    • Marvel future revolution
    • Chicken Police: Paint it Red
    • Baldo: The Guardian Owls
    • Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker
    • Seven knights 2
    • Rocket League
    • Asphalt Nitro 2
    • Wall of Insanity
    • Alien Isolation
    • Punishing: Gray Raven
    • WarStrike
    • Asphalt xtreme
    • Rob Riches
    • My Time at Portia
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    Video content:



    Trials of Mana

    Starting off on the right foot we have the pleasant surprise that is Trials of Mana.

    This Square Enix RPG is the perfect conversion of a game released for consoles in 2020.

    It's amazing how the time of some ports has been shortened.

    In the past, for us to see a game like this on mobile, it took up to 5 years. Now in just over a year, the game arrives on mobile.

    This version, in turn, is a remake of the game released in 1995, Seiken Densetsu 3. It had no official English version and it arrived through this 3D remake.

    By honoring the classic of the past, this port delivers a magnificent adventure, which on mobile is even more potentiated.

    One of the best JRPGs out there.

    The only problem is the price, but I know you'll find a way.

    Trials of Mana on the App Store (iOS)

    Trials of Mana na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline


    Pokemon Unite

    Pokémon Unite was released in the shadow of being just a "silly Pokémon MOBA". But the game created in partnership with Tencent is not only good, it is very good.

    For those unfamiliar with the genre, the game is a multiplayer online battle arena, the same genre as titles like League of Legends or Dota.

    But forget the long games and lack of exciting turns.

    Two teams of 5 players face each other in an arena and here the differences begin. Instead of destroying the opposing nexus, players will battle for energy points.

    The matches are fast and even playing in random it is possible to make a big difference alone, you won't feel so harmed by falling into a team full of bots.

    The big thing was to make a simplified MOBA for those who have never played a MOBA before.

    Pokémon Unite may not be perfect, but it delivers lean gameplay, balanced classes, and most importantly, instant fun.

    One of the best Android and iOS games of 2021.

    Pokemon Unite on the App Store (iOS)

    Pokemon Unite on Google Play (Android)

    Type: Free | Language: English | online



    Sparklite is an adventure and roguelike game developed by Red Blue Games. You control Ada, a mechanic on a ship that crashes in a strange land.

    With clear references to The Legend of Zelda (the first), the game delivers a charming journey alongside cute but slightly developed characters.

    A game with very beautiful pixel art and a nice soundtrack.

    As this is a roguelike, when you die you lose some collected items, but you can go back and continue your progress.

    One of the great things about the game is being able to combine some patches and create even stronger power-ups.

    Sparklite has simple commands, but the combat is very agile.

    A light game and runs well on any cell phone. It has a big world to explore and it's offline to top it off.

    In the midst of so many heavy games, it's great to see a light game that will entertain you for many hours.

    Just don't be fooled by the gratuitousness. The game is free to try, but after a while you have to pay to proceed.

    Sparklite na App Store (iOS)

    Sparklite na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Free to try

     Language: English | offline


    Combat Master

    Making a shooter the way the mobile fps community expects is very easy. The problem is copyright.

    That's exactly what drove Combat Master off Google Play. The game, which was said to be online, is actually an offline game that used assets from other games.

    But you know what the good news is? This game is very good as a hobby.

    With fast-paced movement and shooting reminiscent of Call of Duty Warzone. Combat Master has the hair shooter community on fire.

    Guys pyre too much in the movement of this game.

    To summarize, it's a good game for you to train your sense and movement.

    The bots in this game are insane and are no joke.

    Combat Master was removed from Google Play shortly after its release, but returned in December 2021.

    Combat Master na App Store (iOS)

    Combat Master na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online


    Nexomon: Extinction

    Forever known as one of the best Pokémon clones, Nexomon has as one of its main characteristics to inspire without copying.

    The game borrows all the aura of collecting pets, but the designs of the monsters and characters are original.

    The first Nexomon was released in 2018 and in September 2021 Nexomon Extinction was released for Android and iOS.

    A very good monster collecting RPG with about 30 hours of duration and that exudes its own aura.

    The game is all in Spanish and it's free… to try it out, after a while you have to pay.

    Nexomon Extinction na App Store (iOS)

    Nexomon Extinction na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Free to try | Spanish language

    † Online


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    PUBG New State

    I know, we've had enough Battle Royale quota for a year, but what if New State is so good?

    Finally Krafton released PUBG on mobile in a way that should have been done years ago. Supported and listening 100% to the community.

    So it's not the most played BR at the moment.

    So it's not the best BR today for Android and iOS, it's finally the closest we have to PUBG gameplay on PC. And he brings news.

    They are the use of drones, the possibility to revive teammates and a really competitive first-person mode.

    PUBG New State may disappoint anyone who was expecting a free fire killer or fortnite killer.

    But After 4 years, do you really believe that something like this would happen?

    That's the big problem with the New State community. People like the game, but think that it has to be more popular than other games. That's not going to happen guys. Accept that it hurts less.

    Nowadays, when it comes to online games, it is not enough for the game to be good, it is necessary to have a large investment in marketing to “keep the hype”.

    PUBG New State na App Store (iOS)

    PUBG New State na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online



    In Relumine, your journey begins deep in a cave with strange inscriptions on the wall.

    The game is a platform puzzle in which, in addition to moving the character with your finger, it is possible to rotate the scenario.

    Some people say that this game has similarities to Monument Valley, but we don't think that's the case.

    Monument Valley is about deceiving your own perspective, and that's not the case here.

    But if you're a Monument fan, you'll probably like Relumine too.

    Relumine na App Store (iOS)

    Relumine na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    My Friend Peter: Ripe for Revenge

    My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge is one of those examples where complaining works.

    The game was released as an online game that was “free to try”. But due to the great complaint of the community, the producer decided to make it completely free.

    With a lot of shooting and Bullet time, the game is not exactly the same as on PC, but the mobile adaptation was excellent for casual gamers.

    In Ripe for Revenge, the player will control a character whose mission is to help a banana whose family has been kidnapped.

    I don't expect things to make sense in this game.

    My Friend Pedro na App Store (iOS)

    My Friend Pedro na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | offline


    Mind: They return

    By this point in the championship, mobile gamers are already familiar with the Souls style.

    Animus has always been called Dark Souls Mobile, but it lost that merit due to other games that use free camera like Pascal's Wager and Way of Retribution.

    The fixed camera on the Animus might annoy some, but this one is another authentic souls-like.

    Players who are familiar with Souls-style storytelling will immediately feel at home here.

    Then there's the heavy movement, stamina and need to roll to evade enemy attacks. The only different element that may bother some is the episodic character of the game.

    Animus is also hard as hell and Revanant is no different. Parrying this game is almost impossible to perform. Anyway, game indicated only for fans of souls like games.

    Soul: The Revenant on the App Store (iOS)

    Animus: Revenant na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline


    Sky Warriors / Sky Gamblers Infinite Jets

    Two games with fighter planes are among the best games for Android of 2021. And we decided to put them in the same position.

    Although they were made by different companies, what we are going to talk about here is valid for both.

    Sky Warriors like Sky Gamblers are action games with realistic fighters and impressive open-air combat.

    Freedom of movement and calibrated gameplay.

    The difference is how each one approaches its ways.

    While Sky Warriors is an online multiplayer game, Sky Gamblers Infinite Jets has an offline mode with missions.

    Oh! and before I forget. These are not two games made by the same company.

    Infinite Jets na App Store (iOS)

    Infinite Jets na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    Sky Warriors na App Store (iOS)

    Sky Warriors na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Free | Language: English | online



    Slender the Arrival

    The terror of Slender The Arrival is not only in being a good game to be scared, but because of its well-constructed atmosphere.

    Authored by the same studio that gave us the original game, The Arrival delivers an eight-page expansion with the addition of not just one monster, but two.

    By focusing on just what is necessary, The Arrival delivers a dark and intriguing tale of a young girl's disappearance.

    A good horror game that gets even better when playing with headphones and at night.

    Slender The Arrival na App Store (iOS)

    Slender The Arrival na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline



    Marvel future revolution

    When the Spider-Man movie came out, the agent already knew that we would have a multiverse, as the concept is the basis of the entire plot of Marvel Future Revolution.

    In this mobile MMORPG, Marvel's heroes must adjust the fabric of space-time and prevent various villains from invading and destroying alternate realities.


    Yes I know it's an all-automatic RPG, but Marvel Future Revolution isn't that easy. Many missions can result in your character's death if you don't pay attention.

    The great highlight of the game is that it is really this mix of game and series with many cinematic scenes and focus on the story to make the player think about what might come next.

    If you're a Marvel fan, you can't miss the game.

    Future Revolution na App Store (iOS)

    Future Revolution na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online


    Chicken Police: Paint it Red

    Chicken Police is the debut game from Hungarian indie studio The Wild Gentlemen, made up of employees who worked on games like The Witcher 3, Crysis and Ryse: Son of Rome.

    This studio's first release couldn't be further from those expecting a Triple-A experience. A well-executed visual novel with the noir atmosphere of a police investigation.

    In essence, Chicken Police is a gritty and dirty version of Sam and Max, matching the mechanics of LA Noire. However, in place of human characters we have a cast that seems to have come out of Zootopia.

    What's surprising is the fact that a game starts out as a 2D visual novel and unfolds through various types of gameplay, including shooting.

    Well written and tight story. A great game for those who enjoy different indie games.

    Chicken Police na App Store (iOS)

    Chicken Police na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline


    Baldo: The Guardian Owls

    What if The Legend of Zelda and Studio Ghibli had a child? His name would probably be Baldo: The Guardian Owls.

    Game released for consoles and iOS arrived in August 2021.

    Baldo is a boy with a pure heart who must face a creature that has risen from the darkness.

    This isometric action RPG revisits many clichés from the gaming past.

    The game has a captivating open world that invites us to explore.

    But not everything is perfect in this game. Some dungeons are long and the story is a bit confusing.

    Enemies are a little unbalanced. Anything kills you in this game, and despite the Game Over screen, Baldo immediately respawns at the spot where he died.

    Baldo: The Guardian Owls was developed by the Italian studio NAPS Team and was released for Apple Arcade. Despite taking about 15 years to develop, the game still feels incomplete.

    Masss, as it's rare to see offline adventure games on mobile, we couldn't leave this one out.

    Even with several problems, it's still an excellent game to beat on iPhone.

    Baldo on the App Store (iOS)

    Type: Free in the Arcade App 

    Language: Spanish | offline


    Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker

    Created by studio Aquiris, the same studio behind Horizon Chase, Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker is a game for Apple Arcade that mixes platform, puzzle and action.

    At first, you might think it's another game similar to The Legend of Zelda, this time with Link's Awakening on Nintendo Switch.

    But the game unfolds in 4 different campaigns: “Dawn of Adventure”, “The Hero's Journey”, “A Vast World” and “Ivy Matters”.

    Then the game becomes a kind of Mario Maker where each player can create and send their own boxes (stages) for other players to explore. Wonderbox also has a level editor that can even be used on the iPhone.

    In addition to the singleplayer gameplay, the game also has multiplayer in which players can test the hundreds of stages created by the community itself.

    Wonderbox na App Store (iOS)

    Type: Free in the Arcade App 

    Language: Spanish | offline


    Seven knights 2

    Seven Knights 2 is a beautiful RPG developed by Netmarble and has well-built characters and an exciting story that takes place 20 years after the first game.

    All in Spanish, the game features a somewhat automatic gameplay that has everything you would expect from a mobile game of this genre. Including the bad parts.


    Join Rudy and his friends, sons of the heroes of the first game, in a new adventure. The game starts with full action and a mysterious girl, able to know when monsters appear.

    It's one of the heaviest games of 2021 and as much as many don't like it..., for better or worse, it's one of the best mobile online RPG of 2021.

    Seven Knights 2 na App Store (iOS)

    Seven Knights 2 na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online


    Rocket League

    Rocket League Sideswipe is a mobile version of the incredibly popular PC and Console game.

    Launched with some trepidation, the game immediately captivated mobile audiences with simple and straightforward gameplay.

    Control your car in up to 2v2 matches.

    In addition to being a Football / Car game, it is also a basketball game with cars.

    There are three game modes at the moment – ​​Duel (1v1), Duos (2v2) and Hoops (2v2) and three Arenas – Shortstack, SC Field and Dunk House. There are multiplayer and offline game options with bots to train.

    Rocket League na App Store (iOS)

    Rocket League na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online


    Asphalt Nitro 2

    Released by surprise in July 2021, Asphalt Nitro 2 maintains Gameloft's tradition of releasing good exclusive paid games on its app store.

    Like the first Nitro, this new game arrived with a reduced size and offline. The new Asphalt costs R$ 6,99.

    Asphalt Nitro 2 also incorporates the infamous “Touchdrive”, but just like in Asphalt Legends, it is possible to disable the mode by accessing the settings.

    Asphalt Nitro 2 is a breath of novelty in the desert that has turned the landscape of offline racing games around.

    Longtime fans will enjoy the game a lot, because it works even on very old phones like the Samsung J5 that is from 2015.

    Asphalt Nitro 2 na Gameloft Store

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    Wall of Insanity

    Created by Ray Spark, Wall Of Insanity is a third-person shooter.

    A squad went missing under mysterious circumstances, and Special Unit soldiers sent to investigate the disappearance found only an empty, abandoned house. This is where the story begins…

    Wall of Insanity is a new project from the creators of the Slaughter game series. Something very rare on mobile, an offline shooting game with a story.

    Dark visuals and a lot of tension in a well-paced and fun shooter to play on mobile.

    It's about 5 hours into a claustrophobic game with cramped corridors.

    Wall Of Insanity na App Store (iOS)

    Wall Of Insanity na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    Alien Isolation

    Speaking of tension, nothing will leave you with the c* in your hand more than Alien Isolation.

    Port of a console and PC game, if this suspense game doesn't terrify you, the requirements will.

    Simply the heaviest Android game at the moment.

    Trapped on a space station, your character must craft equipment and weapons to face the xenomorph.

    But until then, you will be easy prey for these creatures.

    This mobile conversion already has all seven DLCs from the console version. There's even a DLC featuring Lieutenant Ripley on her last mission on the Nostromo.

    Alien Isolation na App Store (iOS)

    Alien Isolation na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    Punishing: Gray Raven

    Punishing: Gray Raven is one of the few games that has really come to terms with Honkai Impact.

    Humanity is almost extinct. Planet Earth has been taken over by an army of chaotic robots.

    The special forces unit Gray Raven leads a mission to try to recover the lost planet.

    Punishing: Gray Raven is a mess of anime girls and frantic hack'n slash combat. Unlike other games focused on getting some money out of you, this game lets the player enjoy a lot and go deep into the adventure.

    Punishing: Gray Raven na App Store (iOS)

    Punishing: Gray Raven na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Free | Language: English | online



    WarStrike is a first-person shooter with missions.

    Think of it as an indie Modern Combar. An amateur game, but it's pretty cool to pick up to get to the end.

    At the beginning of 2021, we talk about BattleOps, in the best offline games, but in reality, it is a game of 2020.

    It's on the list for being an offline game with missions and shooting. Something very rare on mobile.

    WarStrike na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Free | Language: English | offline


    Asphalt xtreme

    Two news marked Asphalt Extreme.

    The Gameloft game was removed from the Play Store and many users were saddened by the end of the game.

    But the offroad version of Asphalt is back as a Netflix game.

    Despite not being offline, the new version comes with all unlockable purchases while playing, nothing to pay.

    With that, the game was better than before.

    Funny how a simple change turned a 2016 game into one of the best Android and iOS games of 2021.

    Now I hope that many companies do the same thing and put their games on Netflix, Google Play Pass or Apple Arcade.

    ASphalt Xtreme na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Free for those who subscribe to Netflix

    Language: Spanish | online


    Rob Riches

    Rob Riches puts you in control of a treasure hunter who is venturing through dangerous ancient ruins.

    The game has creative puzzles and a very cool look.

    Your objective is to gather all the coins in each room before proceeding to an exit that leads to another treasure room.

    Each of these rooms has a different layout. Solve puzzles, avoid traps and collect coins.

    Like every puzzle game, it's just that, and the rest comes with escalating difficulty.

    Rob Riches na App Store (iOS)

    Rob Riches na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    My Time at Portia

    Really 2021 was the year of mobile game ports. Many games from other platforms appeared here.

    Originally released in 2019, My Time at Portia arrived on mobile phones in 2021 with a lot of content and all in Spanish.

    This is one of those games that mixes RPG and small farm that proves to be an instant “anti-stress”. But in this one you start out as a mechanic.

    The game starts with your character inheriting his father's workshop. He creates and builds things to improve the lives of the townspeople.

    In addition to crafting, you can also explore the region for hidden relics.

    Just like Stardew Valley has that whole marriage and family thing for your character. A lot of responsability.

    My Time at Portia na App Store (iOS)

    My Time at Portia na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    And here ends our list of the best Android and iOS games of 2021.

    If you missed a game, be sure to check out our other video too.

    Thank you all very much for another wonderful year and that in 2022 onwards all your dreams and projects come true.

    A big hug and until next time!

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