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    200 Names for DUO for Free Fire / PUBG / COD / Fortnite and others

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    We have prepared a special list with a selection of names for that one duo with friend for games like Free Fire, PUBG, COD and many others.

    See names for creative, funny and to have a lot of laughs in matches.

    Notice: this list is only for dynamic duo of two friends. For couples, check out our other listing here.


    funny duo names

    Messy / Zé Carrim

    TuEvia / Adam (read quickly)

    Kimmy / Kommeu (read fast)

    MaisQueAmigos / Friends

    Coffee with milk

    Trust / EsseDuoÉPro

    ZéCarrinho / ZéCobrinha

    ZéLootinho / PapaKill

    Puppy and Cruzcredo

    Nescau / Toddyn

    Humid / Humid

    TVglobinho /BomdiaeCia

    Topzera / Topíssimo

    TrincaFerro and Snarf

    ContaDeLight / ContaDeÁgua

    Rice / Beans

    Captain / Birth

    Arnaldo / Xuazineguer

    Cap / Headshot

    Almost Nothing / TripaSeca

    Piaba / Pitchula

    Manoo00 / TuÉNé?

    Captain / Co-pilot



    Names for dynamic duo in Free Fire

    EuTiroCapa / EleFinaliza

    Balinha / Nagulha

    Owners / doFreeFire

    Ares / Zeus

    usador / Camperzinho

    Fr33F1r3 / 4L1F3

    Subiu / Cover

    Precision / Precise

    DarkLord / LordOfLight

    GelGrenade / ParaAsMãos

    TáDoiro / TáMarúco

    KingOfPurgatory / KingOfBermuda

    BixoDe / 7Heads

    FreeFire> / > PUBG

    1Shot / 1Kill

    Booyah / HayooB

    ZéCarrinho / ZéMoitinha

    Rambo / Rambo Machine Gun

    MiraEmCima / MiraEmbaixa

    Lay 1 / Lay 2

    Frifas / Do

    Machines / deKápa

    AdãoDoFF / EvaDoFF

    100Shots / 0Kills

    My Create / Create



    Duo names based on series, cartoons, movies and comedy shows (keys)

    TripaSeca / Almost Nothing

    Brothers / Shrapnel

    Kakeru / Naho

    Itchy / Scratchy

    Ryu / Ken

    Round1 / Fight!

    Rick / Morty

    Naruto / Saskééé

    BobEsponja / Patrick

    Chip 'n Dale




    Funny duo names based on country duos

    Cold and calculist

    Domyngo and Feryado

    Jacklane and MandaBrasa

    Kindness and Fine People

    Prefferido and Favorite

    Xeroque of Rome

    Disney from Landia

    Count and Dracula

    Batima and Robinson

    Marlboro e Hollywood


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    [originally published April 23, 2021]

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