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    20 Best Free Games for Android (2nd Semester 2012)

    The year is over and with it, a second semester where excellent free games were released to Android. We have selected the 20 best games for you to install on your smartphone or tablet right now. In case you missed the previous post, also check out the 20 best free games of the first semester.

    Subway Surfers – Download Grátis

    Released in September 2012, Subway Surfers is my favorite running style game. You control some boys whose mission is not to get caught by the subway line guard. What draws attention in the game, in addition to the colorful graphics, is the fluid and precise gameplay that makes the pastime addictive.


    Bad Piggies – Download Grátis

    The game of the Angry Birds' arch enemies, got their own game in 2012. A different game from where they originated. Focusing on construction and creativity rather than destruction and repetition. Bad Piggies is a game that seemed silly to me at first, but over time it turned out to be great through the dozens of challenges that the game offers.


    Jetpack Joyride – Download Grátis

    This is one of the best running style games for iOS. Launched in 2011 for iOS, the game only arrived this year on Android. You control an upset salesman who goes crazy when he finds a JetPack. With music, graphics and cool gameplay, it's very hard not to like Jetpack Joyride, especially after the updates that included several new elements in the game.


    League of Evil – Download Grátis

    League of Evil is a retro game with an air of Megaman from Nintendo 8 bits. With short but challenging stages, the game has only 160 stages. The great highlights of this one are the precise controls and the difficulty of some stages.


    Angry Birds Star Wars – Free Download

    The unlikely happened, Star Wars and Angry Birds have come together in a fun game for Android. And as expected, the Android version is free to download and play, a pity that you need a constant internet connection on some devices, otherwise the game closes by itself. But that's a small price to pay for such a great game.


    Happy Street – Free Download

    Happy Street is a game in which you'll have to take care of these cute little animals' homes. It might not be a lot of people's favorite style, but the game is a hit on Google Play. The great attraction is the visual that counts with a very nice art, similar to the one used in Theater Final Fantasy.


    Plague Inc. – Download for free

    Another game of a different genre that is very successful is Plague Inc. In this strategy game for Android where the main objective is to destroy the human race with a virus or a bacterium. It is possible to genetically develop the misfortune of humanity and on top of that to track everything on a World Map.


    SHADOWGUN: DeadZone  – Free Download

    Shadowgun: DeadZone is without a doubt the best multiplayer online shooter for Android of 2012. Free, easy to play and without penalizing (a lot) the player who prefers not to pay anything, DeadZone is all joy from start to head shot.


    My Singing Monsters Download Free

    Innovative, I don't know, but My Singing Monsters is definitely a different game. In this “little farm” the player takes care of a group of monsters from birth. The differential? Monsters sing! And the more monsters are added to the scenario, the bigger the “opera” will be.


    Zenonia 5 Download Free

    In addition to Shadowgun: DeadZone, Zenonia 5 was another game that arrived first on Android. The new adventure takes place 100 years after Regret and friends, in a world where the ruling class oppresses the poorest. The new Zenonia has excellent 2D graphics, even on new smartphones and tablets with high screen resolution.


    Major Mayhem Download Free

    Major Mayhem is a shooting game where the player just taps the screen to wreak havoc. Inspired by arcade classics, your character is a Rambo-style guy and will go through the most cinematic scenes possible. There are 45 levels of great fun.


    punch hero Download Free

    Punch Hero is a Punch-Out by Gamevil. Uniting charismatic (or rough) characters with easy and fun-focused gameplay. In addition to the basics, hitting, you can create and customize your character in the best RPG style. Too bad there is no online multiplayer mode.


    Where’s My Perry? Free Download Free

    Even copying the gameplay and Where's My Water, Where's My Perry? Free really fell into the taste of players. The reasons for this are the usual ones: Free and in Spanish. In this game you'll control the flow of water in order to free agent P, from the cartoon Phineas and Ferb.


    AREL WARS 2 Download Free

    Arel Wars 2 is a Tower Defense-style game that features cute anime-style characters. The game is very colorful and full of RPG elements, a full plate for the kids. If you are tired of soldiers and knights and enjoy anime, this is your Defense.


    Arcane LegendsDownload Free

    Arcane Legends brought a lot of Hack'n Slash-style fun to Android with good RPG elements. With a look that mixes animation and cartoon, Arcane Legends is a fun MMORPG option. It is possible to play with other players in a Co-Op and face bosses. The game still has a good story, with even some cut scenes.


    Swing ShotDownload Free

    Swing Shot was one of the surprises of the year. If you've had enough of so many Angry Birds, you can try different and creative gameplay. The characters hang from pendulums (like those in nurseries) and try to knock each other down. Very creative, it is possible to throw rocks, boomerangs, shurikens and other objects to try to cut the rope or break the enemies' pendulum. In addition, the game includes a fun Online Multiplayer mode, which Rovio never managed to implement.


    Contract Killer Zombies 2 - Download Free

    With the zombie craze plaguing the world these days, a new Contract Killer Zombies could not be missing. Glu developed for Android, almost a Resident Evil 6, with incredible graphics. Easy to play, the firing of weapons is automatic, being up to the player, just run, aim and try to survive.


    Death dome - Download Free

    It seems that several companies have figured out the formula for how to make Infinity's Blade. And since Chair's success isn't coming to Android anytime soon, players haven't seen it in several clones. One of them however, is a great and excellent game, it is about Death Dome. Game with heavy graphics and a borderlands look, which puts the player to face small monsters and even the size of buildings. game in Spanish.


    Granny Smith Free - Download Free

    Granny Smith tells the story of a tough old lady who chases a thief at all costs using skates. The fun of the game is the various accidents that the old lady will suffer during the chase. But don't worry, she's tough on the fall.


    Juggernaut Revenge of Sovering - Download Free

    Juggernaut Revenge of Sovering is a cool looking RPG game with turn-based gameplay. The highlights are the amount of content to explore ranging from weapons, scenarios, spells and etc. The other highlight is the turn-based gameplay, which does not demand much of the player's attention.

    [originally published December 23, 2012]

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