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    20 Best Android Games for Bluetooth Control (Ipega, GameSir and etc)

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    Check a list of best games for android that have control support or gamepads bluetooth e USB. Do you own a iHandle control ou GameSir? So get ready to enjoy the best games together with your controller, and turn your smartphone into a true portable video game.

    In this top we separate games that support HID controls, that is, games compatible even with generic USB controls (such as street vendors).

    Notice. Don't complain about many of the games on this list being paid. Premium game producers are more sensitive when it comes to providing the best mobile experience.

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    – Modern Combat 5 (Free)

    Modern Combat 5 recently gained an update that removes the energy counter from multiplayer matches. Guaranteed fun for anyone looking for an online shooter, Modern Combat 5 is light and runs very well on the vast majority of current cell phones.

    This shooting game has singleplayer missions, ideal for when you're tired of the online deathmatch. Modern Combat 5 has extensive support for bluetooth controllers and works great with iPega gamepads.

    Download Modern Combat 5 game now >>

    – Beach Buggy Racing (Grátis)

    Developed by Vector Unit, Beach Buggy Racing follows the producer's premise of always offering good control support. In this “Mario Kart” style game, you'll have several tracks available, and the possibility to play dozens of races alone or with friends.

    Beach Buggy Racing is so controller-friendly that it's possible to play split-screen, with up to four controllers connected to the same tablet or phone (needs to be powerful enough). Fun guaranteed in one of the best games for Android with controller support.

    Download the Beach Buggy Racing game now >>

    – Castle of Illusion (Pago)

    In this remastered classic for mobile, players will embark on a nostalgic adventure alongside Mickey Mouse. Developed by SEGA, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse is a 2.5D platform game. In other words, it's a game with 3D graphics, but typically 2D gameplay.

    Despite the average reception on consoles and PC, Castle of Illusion is acclaimed on mobile phones for keeping the same gameplay and challenges. In the game's story, Mickey's girlfriend, Minnie, was kidnapped by the witch Mizrabel. To save her Mickey will have to go through 10 stages with level bosses.

    Download Castle of Illusion game now >>

    – Injustice (Free)

    Did you know that the first Injustice game supports iPega controllers. If you don't like swiping your finger over the screen, you can use buttons for all the moves available in the game.

    In Injustice, you choose between DC Comics heroes and villains and engage in three-on-three combat. The game has very beautiful graphics, and despite being heavy (requires 1.3 GB) it runs well on cell phones like Moto G1.

    Download the game Injustice now >>

    – Lemegeton (Free and Paid)

    Lemegeton is a side scrolling game with 2D graphics that is very reminiscent of Castlevania. The game starts in an unusual way, you start your journey walking to the left side, instead of the right.

    Between swords and enemy monsters, the player can customize his character by adding new weapons, necklaces, boots, etc. The graphics are not very pretty, but the journey is very good. The game is offline and in addition to the free version (with ads), there is also the paid version without ads.

    Download the Lemegeton game now >>

    – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Pago)

    There are people who are waiting for a quality open world game and forget that one of the most important games in the history of Sandboxes, was released for Android in 2013. GTA San Andreas is that kind of port that is better than the original game.

    The Android version has several graphical improvements and is perfectly adjustable even for basic phones. To close the package with a flourish, GTA San Andreas has full support for HID controls. It works on iPega controls and even on USB street vendor controls via OTG.

    Download now the game GTA San Andreas >>

    – Crazy Taxi (Free)

    SEGA went crazy and re-released Crazy Taxi free for Android. The game returned to Google Play updated and with controller support. A true gift to gamers, a Dreamcast classic entirely for free.

    In Crazy Taxi, the player must pick up passengers and drop them off at their destination as quickly as possible. The game turned online, but those who paid can play offline and without ads.

    Download Crazy Taxi game now >>

    – Sonic 4 (Pago)

    Sonic 4 was not successful on consoles and was criticized by the media. However, on smartphones, the game remains present on Google Play to this day. The reason is that it is a good game for smartphones. High challenge and classic gameplay mark this game that seeks to return to its origins.

    Recognition of controls is immediate. Just be synchronized with your cell phone or tablet and the game already recognizes both analog and digital. Ideal for offline play, Sonic 4 is full of stages and battles against Doctor Robotnik.

    Download now the game Sonic 4 >>

    – SoulCraft (Free)

    SoulCraft is an action RPG game where you command an angel trying to save the earth from the abyss in which it finds itself. To prevent the forces of hell from taking over our planet.

    SoulCraft's graphics are very beautiful. The game can be played offline and the recognition of controls is automatic. SoulCraft is not recent, it is from 2012. Despite this, the game is still fun because it has many scenarios to explore.

    Download now SoulCraft game >>

    – AVP: Evolution (Pago)

    Alien vs Predator: Evolution is a game in which you'll control these two alien races that will clash in combat to determine who is more terrifying. A game with excellent graphics that translates to a feeling of playing a console game.

    Become a supreme predator or a xeromorph alien in this game with lots of action and beautiful graphics. The game is paid but worth the investment to know who will prevail in this deadly fight.

    Download now the game AVP: Evolution >>

    – Wayward Souls (Pago)

    Wayward Souls is a rogue like where you explore dungeons alongside a group of warriors. The game focuses on action and exploration, with many scenarios. The highlight of the game is the replay factor, you never know what you'll find when you explore that dungeon for the tenth time.

    The game's makers pride themselves on not adding any sort of in-app purchase, even for hats. Speaking of which, the game has a diverse customization system. The graphics are in 2D and the game is completely offline.

    Download Wayward Souls game now >>

    – Asphalt 8 (Thank you)

    Asphalt 8 is undoubtedly one of the most famous games in the mobile world. With impressive visuals and gigantic content, Gameloft's game is one of the best mobile games of all time.

    There are 47 beautifully rendered cars. Vehicles such as Lamborghini Veneno, Ferrari, FXX, Bugatti Veryon and Pagani Zonda are available to drive. With arcade gameplay and the ability to play online and offline, Asphalt 8 still has controller support. A complete game in every way.

    Download the Asphalt 8 game now >>

    – Max Payne (PAID)

    Max Payne is not just a good third-person shooter. It is a true journey through the protagonist's mind. With a mixture of reality and nightmare, the game tells the tragic story of Payne who loses her family and sets out for revenge.

    The game is produced by Rockstar Games (the same as GTA) and with control support, MAx Payne is excellent to play.

    Download Max Payne game now >>

    – Wild Blood (Pago)

    One of Gameloft's last quality paid games, Wild Blood was developed in Unreal Engine 3 and features an excellent, albeit repetitive, campaign. You are Lancelot and you must contain King Arthur's fury. Mad about Genivere's "alleged" betrayal, Arthur made a pact with an evil sorcerer.

    Anyone who is a fan of God of War, or any hack'n slash with puzzle elements, needs to play this Gameloft classic. Wild Blood is a reminder of when Gameloft used to care about game design.

    Download Wild Blood game now >>

    – Dead Effect (Thank you)

    Dead Effect is a first-person shooter set in a spaceship. It looks like a mix of Dead Space and Doom. Walk through narrow corridors filled with enemies like Zombies and monsters.

    The visuals are very beautiful and the gameplay is outside the curve of casual games. The stages are long and the player needs to explore a lot to find the exit. With a controller everything is more fun and it's no different in Dead Effect.

    Download Dead Effect game now >>

    – Wraithborne (Free)

    Developed by Alpha Dog Games, WraithBorne is a top-down action role-playing game. It is not a new title and it is little known, but very good.

    There are 12 stages full of enemies to kill in one of the first games to use Unreal Engine 3 on Android. The game draws attention for mixing hack'n slash with RPG. But no energy counters or short starts.

    Download the WraithBorne game now >>

    – Wresteling Revolution (Grátis)

    Wresteling Revolution is a fighting game with bad graphics, but very fun. Create your character and face the craziest fighters on earth. The combats are full of twists with the presence of up to 6 fighters at the same time.

    The game surprises with many different buttons and functions to rock the ring. It is possible to grab the opponent and perform various wrestling moves such as suplex and many others. It doesn't look like it, but the game has controller support.

    Download the Wresteling Revolution game now >>

    – Truck Simulator HD (Free)

    Truck Simulator HD is one of the best truck simulator for Android. In this style of game, the screen is usually full of buttons that greatly interfere with the gameplay. But with Truck Simulator's controller support, driving around is simpler.

    This driving simulator stands out for day and night scenarios and really long journeys. The player must pick up the freight and run the races in the shortest possible time, but without performing any shaving.

    Download Truck Simulator HD game now >>

    – Dead Trigger 2 (Free)

    The classic Dead Trigger 2 could not be missing from our list of the best Android games with controller support. In this zombie game, the objective is simple, to kill people who have glowing eyes, dead skin and who love to eat people alive.

    Fun to play on screen, Dead Trigger 2 gets better with bluetooth controller. The commands work very well and the game itself has options to customize the controls.

    Download now the game Dead Trigger 2 >>

    – Shadow Fight 2 (Free)

    Shadow Fight 2 is one of the best fighting games for mobile. Full of challenge, the game consists of facing various warriors to defeat the master of shadows. Of course, it will be a long journey as this is one of the most difficult games on the entire Play Store.

    The tension in each fight is such that it will be very easy to miss commands by touching the screen. But with the support for a bluetooth controller, it's easy to perform combos and avoid enemy attacks.

    Download now Shadow Fight 2 game >>

    This post is part of a new series here on the site. These will be posts without a fixed date and will be updated throughout the year, adding the best games in specific categories.

    [originally published May 30, 2017]

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