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    16-year-old dies while playing PUBG Mobile

    According to various websites, a 16-year-old Indian boy died after playing the PUBG Mobile game. The news was shared by several renowned like Vice and Mashable.

    According to the report, Furkhan Qureshi died of cardiac arrest. According to the parents, the deceased had been playing PUBG Mobile for “6 hours continuously” and had collapsed.

    Furkhan was rushed to a hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead. “The boy arrived at the hospital without a pulse,” says cardiologist Ashok Jain, who examined him as soon as he was admitted to the hospital.

    "We tried to resuscitate him with cardiac massage and a defibrillator but we failed." Pointing out that the boy showed no previous signs of heart disease, the doctor said: “The excitement of the game could have caused a surge of adrenaline causing cardiac arrest. I urge children to stay away from such games as the excitement can cause cardiac arrest.”

    - A little late news

    In fact, the fact happened on the 26th of May. We decided to report the death only now, as it was necessary to confirm that it was not “fake news”.

    We take this precaution as there is a lot of negative news regarding PUBG Mobile in India.




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