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    11 Java Mobile Games that should already be on Smartphones

    See 11 games for Java mobile phones, that's right, those old ones, which should already be on smartphones with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Every day, tons of games arrive on the App Store, Google Play and, to a lesser extent, the Windows Phone Store. However, there are many good Java games that are in the past and should already have a version for smartphones. What games are these? Check out the list below with eleven of these games? why eleven? Why we like to go a step further.

    – Critter Crunch (Capy)

    Critter Crunch was an excellent Java mobile puzzle game. We use the word “era” because nowadays the game can hardly be found. The game is cute, but its concept is kind of disgusting. The objective is to combine the same monsters, and for that, the bigger monster must eat and spit out the other monsters in their proper places. Pretty disgusting right? The stages are creative and the challenge is increasing. The game uses the theme "eat" a lot in its power-ups. A curiosity, the game developer is the same as Sword & Sworcery EP, award-winning indie game for Android and iOS smartphones.

    – Castlevania (Konami)

    When looking at Castlevania present in the App Store, the user will even smile. That's right, even though it's based on the classic Symphony of the Night, Castlevania Puzzle is a joke close to the two ports that Java phones have received. Nothing less than Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow arrived on common and amazing cell phones, with versions in Spanish. The conversion of Aria of Sorrow was almost perfect, while Dawn of Sorrow underwent slight modifications. Still, two Game Boy game classics to be present on Java cell phones and not smartphones.

    – Commandos (ZED)

    The Commandos series marked a generation on PC. The WWII-based strategy and tactical combat game had gameplay that Metal Gear Solid would envy. Because instead of controlling just one agent, In commands you controlled up to four soldiers with unique abilities. Commandos focused on gameplay so you could expect tricky levels and low rewards. Another classic that arrived on Java phones, but not on Android or iOS.

    – Asphalt 2D (Gameloft)

    Wait a second! Has Asphalt yes on smartphones. He's my little friend, but in 2004 Asphalt was one of the best Top Gear-inspired games for Java phones. A simple 2D version would go down very well with Gameloft's new game proposal, based on light and 2D games. Asphalt in two dimensions was, and still is, a tremendously fun game, too bad most of today's gamers haven't even touched a Java phone.

    – Soul of Darkness (Gameloft)

    Another Gameloft game that deserved to be on smartphones was Soul of Darkness. Inspired by Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, the game was Phenomenal. Great graphics and top notch gameplay. This kind of Gameloft game is definitely lacking these days. Where we see repetitive and boring 3D games that we download and uninstall in less than a week.

    – Castle of Magic (Gameloft)

    Another Gameloft game on the list. This is one of Gameloft's original games to be missed the most in the current gaming scene for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The game even got a version for iOS, but this one disappeared from the map, leaving not only iOS owners in hand, but also those of other systems that could dream of a version. Castle of Magic is the typical platform game with colorful scenarios. But the design of levels, bosses and characters make this one of the best Java games from Gameloft.

    Knight Tales – Land of Bitterness (DeValley)

    One of the masterpieces of Java mobile games. Knight Tales – Land of Bitterness is an action game with vision and commands similar to Legend of Zelda, but who is a senior gamer, you can see that the game looks more like an old Mega Drive title, Beyond Oasis. The action RPG game has amazing music and addictive gameplay. Anyone who picks up this game cannot finish until they complete the game.

    – Silent Hill (Konami)

    Silent Hill has already made its debut on smartphones, but it was in the most wrong way possible. Silent Hill The Escape for iOS is a forgettable game that's so bad. It's not even worth comparing with versions of Java games. Although not identical to the consoles, Silent Hill Mobile 1, 2 and 3 offer a challenge that mixes adventure and suspense in just the right amount. The mobile versions of Silent Hill are macabre. All of them were on sale in Spain by cell phone operators, including versions in Spanish.

    – God of War (Sony)

    Thought it's fake? fan game? Pirate? None of that, God of War did have an official game released for Java mobile phones. It would be really cool to see a conversion of God of War: Betrayal for smartphones. The game was sold in Spain and had versions in Spanish. The story is even linked to the Playstation 2 and 3 games. Transforming of War: Betrayal into another lost gem of mobile games

    – Nowhere (DeValley)

    DeValley developers' understanding of the Java platform was high. Instead of betting on bad games to develop in 3D, the studio bet on excellent 2D games that ran on almost any device. One of those masterpieces is Nowhere. A mix of suspense, horror and science fiction. The game was one of the few to really scare the player with buzzing and strange sounds that invaded your headphones. A first rate job, if you analyze all the limitations of the Java platform.

    – Heroes Lore (Hands-On Entertainmen)

    Of course, the maximum work of mobile games could not be missing. Heroes Lore already had one of its sequels converted to Android and iOS, but much of the shine, the flame of one of the best RPG games on Java mobile phones, was extinguished by another competitor also developed in South Korea, Zenonia. Heroes Lore, deserved a better treatment on smartphones with all its versions being released including the first. The curious thing is that the first Heroes Lore is one of the supreme classics of cell phones without ever having arrived in Spain. The game came to Spanish cell phones thanks to various hackers and translators who converted the game to Spanish.

    And with Heroes Lore we conclude our list. Of course, many other games were missing, but what counts is the intention. Another curiosity is the link to the Heroes Lore video, which is from the Project Next. Remember this forum? Direct from the time Warp….

    [originally published April 21, 2014]

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