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    10 Mobile Games Coming in 2018 – Part 2

    Check out another post with 10 Android and iOS mobile games coming in 2018. This time the highlight is Payday Crime War, the long-awaited shooter that Overkill has already confirmed for 2018. The Room 4: Old Sins also stands out, another one Amazing puzzle and adventure game.

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    1 – Payday Crime War

    Overkill decided to push Payday Crime War into the following year. With that, the action game that will focus on multiplayer will be for this year 2018. The game is being developed in partnership with BadFly and we can expect a game with incredible graphics.

    2 – Marvel Strike Force

    Marvel Strike Force has already entered soft launch in some countries. The turn-based combat game is sort of a spiritual successor to Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2. The game will have a similar premise, with a side story where the objective is to bring together the best Marvel heroes.

    3 – Sky Gamblers Infinity Jets

    Sky Gamblers Infinity Jets is the latest fighter jet game from Atypical. The game has already been released on iOS and just needs to get to Android. An amazing plane game that is sure to be worth every penny.

    4 – Heroki (Android version, iOS already released)

    We spoke with the Heroki studio and despite the focus on the new game for iOS, they said that the chances of Heroki coming to Android this year are high. Heroki is a mix of Nights (SEGA Saturn) and Megaman. A great game with a 90s feel, with a hero and his antagonist.

    5 – Hero Emblems II

    Hero Emblems II is a game that mixes RPG with match 3 puzzle. The game has strong mechanics with a lot of interaction between character classes. Also, the focus on the story is very different from what we are used to seeing in this puzzle genre.

    6 – Touchgrind BMX 2

    Aside from the teaser trailer, not much has been revealed about Touchgrind BMX 2. The game arrives in 2018.

    7 - Turn on

    In development since 2016, Avolteha will be an adventure game with unique art. A game that will surely remind you of classic games like Samorost and Machinarium.

    8 – Night in the Woods

    Night in the Woods is a game full of symbolism that hides in the format of a 2D adventure and platform game. Don't be fooled, the game has a great storyline. It has already been released for PC and consoles and arrives this year on smartphones. Great soundtracks and fun dialogues await you in this different game.

    9 – The Walking Dead: The Final Season

    The last chapter of The Walking Dead will “air” soon. Telltale's formula is already tiring, but Clementine's story is simply gripping, and in some ways, much better than the current season of the TV series. One of the most anticipated games for 2018.

    10 – The Room 4: Old Sins

    The Room 4: Old Sins will be released on iOS on January 25th. Just like the previous chapter, Old Sins promises many mysteries revealed about the architect of the game's intricate puzzles. All about a new approach with a lot more focus on the story.

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