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    10 Formula 1 Games for Android and iPhone

    Formula 1 is about to complete its thousandth race. To celebrate, we've prepared a special list of the 10 best F1 games out there for Android and iOS.

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    - F1 2016

    F1 2016 is without a doubt the best game of its kind. The official Formula 1 game for Android and iOS is paid but worth every penny.

    The highlight is the video game console game style. No in-app purchases, power limiters, etc. A real game, which Android and iPhone deserved a long time ago.

    Download F1 2016 no Android

    Download F1 2016 for iPhone

    Size: 1 GB | Language: Spanish | offline

    – F1 Mobile Racing

    F1 Mobile is the game that Codemasters, the same as F1 2016, developed for those who didn't want such a "console" experience.

    F1 Mobile is ideal for those looking for a more immediate experience. Races are fast and the focus is on online multiplayer.

    Despite being much more casual than F1 2016, F1 Mobile draws attention for being an official Formula 1 game and bringing all the drivers, teams and circuits.

    Baixar F1 Mobile not Android

    Download F1 Mobile for iPhone

    Size: 1 GB | Language: Spanish | online

    – Motorsport Manager games

    Anyone who is a Formula 1 fan can't help but check out Playsport's Motomanager games. These are games where you manage an F1 team.

    Hire drivers, buy parts, see car telemetry during races. There are three games in this franchise and the third is the best of them.

    Motorsport Manager 1 (Android e iOS)

    Motorsport Manager 2 (Android e iOS)

    Motorsport Manager 3 (Android e iOS)

    Size: 200 MB | Language: Spanish | offline

    – Formula Unlimited

    Formula Unlimited is one of the most famous and most popular F1 racing games for Android. Despite not being very realistic in gameplay (which is very arcade), Formula Unlimited has good graphics and surprising audio.

    There are 18 races and the game is completely offline.

    Download Formula Unlimited on Android

    Size: 50 MB | Language: Spanish | offline

    – Formula 1 Race Championships

    Formula 1 Race Championships is a free, latest Formula 1 themed racing game. It has been removed from Google Play, but its APK is easy to find, available on the APK Pure website.

    The game has great visuals, but the races are more summarized and with a sort of “arcade” style. However, the game does not give up a little realism. So get ready to control the car.

    Formula 1 Race Championships APK Link

    Size: 170 MB | Language: Spanish | offline

    – FX Racer

    FX Racer is the latest game from the producer of Formula Unlimited. Without a doubt, this is the best free and offline F1 game for Android.

    The game is not official, but everything is very well done. Names of riders, circuits and more. Graphic realism ranges from climate change to tire and fuel consumption. Unmissable game.

    Link to Download FX Racer on Android

    Size: 55MB | Language: Spanish | offline

    – Race: Formula Nations

    RACE: Formula Nations is a racing game that tries to be a “Real Racing 3” of the F1 games.

    The player will first go through a big process of learning to drive an F1 car. The realism of the game in terms of physics is very cool, but the graphics disappoint.

    RACE: Formula Nations is one of the most difficult free F1 games to drive, however, it is one of the most similar to F1 2016 in terms of gameplay.

    Baixar Race: Formula Nations on Android

    Size: 71 MB | Language: English | online

    – Race Master MANAGER

    Race Master MANAGER is the option for those looking for a free “Manager” game with Formula 1 cars.

    This is another very cool project from FNK Games, the same as FX Racer. This time, the producer leaves the cockpit aside and goes to the pits.

    Command your team in a fierce championship with 24 races. The game has only 40 MB and does not require an internet connection.

    Baixar Race Master MANAGER no Android

    Size: 40 MB | Language: Spanish | offline

    – Maximum Speed ​​Formula 2019: F1 Racing Games

    Max Speed ​​Formula 2019: F1 Racing Games or just “Formula Racing 2019” is a very casual Formula 1 racing game.

    There are two modes: Online and offline. In offline, you face 20 races against cars controlled by the game. In Online, races are against other players.

    Despite the visuals, but expect great things in terms of physics, the game is very unrealistic, with that pattern where there is no G-force, just hold the button to turn and the car makes any impossible corner.

    Link to Download Formula Racing 2019 on Android

    Size: 55MB | Language: Spanish | offline

    – Red Bull AR Reloaded

    Official racing game of the Red Bull team. The game is completely offline, but I remember that it was one of the first F1 games I downloaded, back in 2013.

    The game has already been removed from Google Play, but its APK is very easy to find. There are few tracks, but the highlight of this game is the way for the player to create their own tracks.

    Link to Download APK

    Size: 46MB | Language: Spanish | offline

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