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    10 Best Racing Games for Android and iPhone of 2018

    We spent the entire year playing all kinds of car, motorcycle and racing games for mobile. And after many tires "singing" and liters of "digital fuel" spent, it's time to choose the best of its kind. Check out a list of the best racing games for Android and iOS.

    The top is in descending order.

    10 – Retro Highway

    Born to be a retro game, and so it is from the name, Retro Highway is one of the most nostalgic experiences in racing game form we've seen in 2018.

    The game directly refers to classics such as Road Rash, Super Hang-on and many others. However, the game was designed to be a simple casual endless runner game. And so it only occupies our tenth position.

    Download Link: Android e iOS

    Size: 86 MB | Language: English | offline

    9 – Tiki Kart Island

    Tiki Kart Island appears to be a Mario Kart-style game, but it is completely different. The campaign mode is more of a story where you interact with the scenarios and try to reach the end. We accompany this character with a Tiki mask, who will run in various scenarios.

    Due to only running against time and somewhat empty scenarios, Tiki Kart Island occupies only the ninth position.

    Download Link: Android e iOS

    Size: 170 MB | Language: English | online

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    8 – Drift Max World

    Drift Max World is another one of those games that strays from the standard racing game structures. By focusing on Drifting, the game even disguises it, but it is a racing game.

    The objective is always to arrive first, but in addition to time, the player needs to make the skids for as long as possible, in order to accumulate points.

    Download Link: Android

    Size: 150 MB | Language: Spanish | offline


    7 – Rocket Carz Racing – Never Stop

    In Rocket Carz, or rocket cars, the player needs to dodge the traffic ahead at an incredible speed. After all, cars are grounds for jet propulsion.

    The highlight is the cars and scenery, in the style of the 50s. A time when this idea of ​​jet cars was much more accepted. The game's feel is very casual, and it's a bit reminiscent of Traffic Rider, one of the most addictive racing games on this top.

    Download Link: Android e iOS

    Size: 91 MB | Language: Spanish | offline


    6 – Bike Unchained 2

    Sole representative of bike racing games, Bike Unchained 2 falls short of its predecessor. The game brings new graphics, but the gameplay has been simplified. It seems like a bad thing at first, but it fits perfectly with a more casual proposal for a mobile game.

    The highlight here is the online competition. Races are real-time against other people, set up in a style that makes matches dynamic and accessible to anyone.

    Download Link: Android e iOS

    Size: 642 MB | Language: Spanish | online


    5 – WING 2

    PAKO 2 is a master of deception. While looking like a casual game (just like PAKO Forever), the second game in the franchise hides the brutal formula of progression, dangers and escape formulas.

    A lot of people think that PAKO 2 is just a game to collect resources and die seconds later. But it turns out that the difficulty of this game is brutal. Complete all tasks and find the exits of each level in this insane game.

    Download Link: Android e iOS

    Size: 95 MB | Language: Spanish | offline


    4 – Aqua Moto Racing 2

    In fourth position, one of the few top games where it is possible to finish without spending a penny and offline. Aqua Moto Racing 2 is a real paid game that you can download and beat for free, without spending anything.

    The game displays some ads, but is well behaved. Aqua Moto Racing 2 puts the player to compete in water with lots of waves. The graphics are not the best, but the simple and accessible gameplay is reminiscent of classic console games, such as Wave Race on the Nintendo 64.

    Download Link: Android e iOS

    Size: 100 MB | Language: English | offline


    3 – Ultimate Car Driving: Classics

    Ultimate Car Driving: Classics is a mix of car simulator and arcade racing games. With an impressive visual, the game offers several challenges in an open world.

    A very good game, with realistic vintage cars and cool hot rods. Fans of vintage car customization programs will love this game. It would be the best looking racing game of 2018 if it weren't for the top two on the list.

    Download Link: Android

    Size: 91 MB | Language: English | offline


    2 – F1 Mobile Racing

    F1 Mobile Racing ranks runner-up as the best racing game of 2018. An impressive game that finally brings an updated Formula 1 racing experience to mobile phones, as it's been a long time since F1 2016.

    Developed by the geniuses at Codemaster, F1 Mobile Racing tries to combat the excesses of F1 2016, which was very “Console like” and takes a while to start offering fun.

    Graphically, it's an incredible game, and the adaptation to make the races more “mobile” fit perfectly into the game's proposal. Fast and online races against other players.

    Download Link: Android e iOS

    Size: 1.1 GB | Language: English | online


    And it's time to announce the best racing game of 2018 for Android and iOS. And the winner is…

    1 – Asphalt 9: Legends

    Asphalt 9 dominated in 2018. In a year when Gameloft had a hard time standing out in other genres, in racing games it simply made the competition in the dust.

    Legends is the most impressive racing game in every way. Better graphics, gameplay, content, compatibility, in short, everything. A real evolution from the previous title.

    Surpassing Asphalt 8 in content and online modes, Asphalt 9: Legends is proof that even though it is one of the oldest on the market, Gameloft still has some good cards up its sleeve.

    Download Link: Android e iOS

    Size: 1.7 GB | Language: Spanish | online


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    [originally published November 25, 2018]

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