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    10 Best Free Android Games – March 2018

    The month of March went away, but it left many important releases. Probably the two biggest free games of the year 2018 arrived this month: PUBG Mobile and Shadowgun Legends. To top it off, we had the arrival in the west of a classic, Honkai Impact 3rd. Check out the best of the best in terms of free Android games.

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    - PUBG Mobile

    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds needs no introduction. The PC megahit comes to cell phones in a faithful version. Maps, weapons and gameplay almost identical to the same game released for PC and Xbox One.

    It's a great credit to Tencent's own Light&Speed ​​studio, which developed the game under the tutelage of the Blue Hole folks. The result is an impressive game. PUBG Mobile recently got a Spanish update from Spain.

    Download game on Google Play
    Size: 900 MB | online

    – Shadowgun Legends

    If PUBG is the multiplayer shooter of the moment, Shadowgun Legends is the recommended FPS for those looking to play alone or with co-op.

    After a long period of testing, Madfinger's mega game arrives "thin from thin" on Android. The graphics quality is impressive, and the game looks beautiful even on modest devices.

    Download game on Google Play
    Size: 760 MB | online

    – Honkai Impact 3rd

    And in the month of March we still had the re-release of Honkai Impact 3rd. Can you believe? The RPG with Hack'n Slash gameplay has finally arrived on Google Play BR.

    If you like Mobile Gamer, you must have played the Korean version or the English APK a lot. Well, now it is possible to download directly from the Play Store. Honkai Impact 3rd is a game that uses the Unreal Engine 4 and has an anime look. Ideal for those looking for a good fanservice.

    Download game on Google Play
    Size: 1.0 GB | online

    – Master of Eternity (MOE)

    Did you think the “otaku” sauce was low? Just wait until you know the game with the most fanservice on Google Play. Master of Eternity (MOE) is a game about robots and girls with huge “front commissions”. Mechas and Waifus… need I say more?

    The game is of strategy and remembers Super Nintendo classics like Front Mission. The highlight is the story, the interaction between the characters, and the fact that everything is in Spanish. Except for the girls' voices, of course, which are dubbed by Japanese with “cute” voices.

    Download game on Google Play
    Size: 70MB | online

    – Nexomon

    Still in the anime footprint, Nexomon is another game suitable for fans of characters with big eyes. After all, who wouldn't want a Pokémon clone on Android? But Nexomon isn't just a clone of the Gameboy and Nintendo DS classic.

    In reality, Nexomon is more of an inspired game. The game borrows the formula and adds its own spice. Get ready to embark on an RPG with a good story and lots of little monsters to collect.

    Nexomon is not 100% free, but it allows you to play most of the campaign without having to pay.

    Download game on Google Play
    Size: 1.2 GB | online

    – Horror Story Nancy Parker

    Horror Story: Nancy Parker is a horror game, free and completely offline. It puts the player in the shoes of a character who wakes up in a dungeon and must find this Nancy Parker.

    With great 3D graphics, Horror Story: Nancy Parker is the tip of the day for anyone looking for an offline game. The mission is to find out what's going on. But first, you have to get out of a dark dungeon. For this, the player must look around and discover items that help him to escape.

    Download game on Google Play
    Size: 90 MB | offline

    – Exiled Kingdoms

    Exiled Kingdoms is an RPG that may lack graphics, but it's very rooted in its essence. Made in the classic molds, it is completely offline, has a story in Spanish and allows you to play half the campaign (about 15 hours) without having to pay.

    Download game on Google Play
    Size: 99 MB | offline

    – ChronoBlade

    ChronoBlade is a fighting game that was quite popular on Facebook. After much ado, the game has finally arrived on Android.

    Mixed brawler and fighting game, in ChronoBlade , you walk through scenarios sideways, defeating enemies. The stages are short, but there are always bosses to beat.

    Download game on Google Play
    Size: 99 MB | online

    – Samurai Legends

    Another game with side progression is Samurai Legends. In this game, you control characters with an awesome look that need to defeat monsters and enemies that appear along the way. Despite the 2D gameplay, the game has 3D graphics.

    Download game on Google Play
    Size: 480 MB | online

    – Talking Tom Camp

    Talking Tom Camp is the Clash of Clans with the cute and talking kittens. Amazing how Talking Tom was something that was born there in Symbian and continues to live on today's smartphones. The game concept relies on base defense mechanics. Build your camp and defend yourself from enemies.

    Despite looking more like a clone of Clash of Clans, the game is very cute and cuddly. Suitable for people of all ages.

    Download game on Google Play
    Size: 74 MB | online

    And that was our selection of free games released in the month of March. Of course, many APKs were missing, but it's worth remembering that games like this are in soft launch or only released in certain countries. We will post them as soon as they are officially released here.

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    [originally published March 31, 2018]

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