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    10 Best Free Android Games – August 2018

    Download the best free games for Android. The month of August was kind of a summary of what we had throughout 2018. Battle Royale games dominated, but we also had other interesting releases.

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    – Fortnite

    Fortnite definitely wins the top spot in the best free games of the month of August 2018.

    Finally Fortnite has arrived on Android! The game is now available for everyone to download. Everyone who has a “NASA” cell phone!

    Fortnite is only available to those who have a top-of-the-line smartphone. And top of the line! The minimum configuration is a Samsung Galaxy S7.

    Link to Download the APK

    – PUBG Mobile Lite

    The best free games of August 2018 wouldn't be complete without PUBG Mobile Lite.

    If Fortnite and PUBG are for those who have a powerful Android phone, PUBG Mobile Lite is the ideal option for those who have a weak cell phone. The game even runs on devices with 1GB of RAM!

    The look, of course, was compromised, but still, the game is more beautiful than Free Fire and the competition. PUBG Mobile Lite has a smaller map than the original. The number of players is also reduced, only 40. All in the name of compatibility.

    For those who have a “Peba” cell phone, PUBG Mobile Lite is certainly one of the best free Android games of 2018.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 240 MB | Language: Spanish | online

    – Final Fighter

    A free fighting game to surprise everyone. Final Fighter is a game that borrows the visual style and moves of Street Fighter V and puts a “mobile sauce” on top.

    Yes, it's an online game, and it needs a lot of fights to unlock fighters, but hey? It's free! The 3D look is the highlight and reminds us that CAPCOM could have improved the look of Street Fighter IV Champion Edition.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 500 MB | Language: English | online

    – Command & Conquer: Rivals

    A miniature RTS game. This is how Command & Conquer: Rivals can be defined. The free strategy game arrives on Google Play by copying some elements from the platform's most popular games, such as Clash Royale, but it doesn't leave aside the origins of the franchise.

    It's still a strategy game where you have to control the troops. But, as it is a mobile game, everything has been reduced so that the matches are short and fast. After all, no one is going to do a versus inside the bus in a 40 minute match with 200 troops on screen.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 70 MB | Language: Spanish | online

    – Kung Fu Z

    In Kung Fu Z, you can distribute the brawl by simply tapping from side to side. A simple game that combines beat'em up with tapping.

    Using only Kung Fu, and your master's tips, take down hundreds of zombies that will come your way. The commands are simple. Tap one side of the screen to strike… and the other? Also!

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 46 MB | Language: English | offline

    – Era of Celestials

    Heed the call of celestial creatures that cry out for a new hero to save them from evil. Era of Celestials is a free MMORPG that has been delighting players. All in Spanish, light and ideal for playing anywhere.

    The game is from the same producers of the mega-success Legend of Discord. A title that has the complete package with many bosses that require coop and arena for 1v1 battles.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 97 MB | Language: Spanish | online

    – Bendy in Nightmare Run

    Bendy is a character who is known for having sadistic and very difficult games. So whoever downloads Nightmare Run thinking it's an easy running game will be scared.

    The difficulty is just insane. The game consists of boss battles where you have to hit them with objects to win each stage.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 178 MB | Language: English | offline

    – SuperCar City

    If Bendy scared him, maybe his thing is really silly games and passing the time like SuperCar City. The free racing game (which is actually a running game) is from the same developer as Subway Surfers.

    This time, everything is divided into races beyond fun, very Mario Kart style. But the gameplay follows the “three lanes” scheme of racing games.

    SuperCar City is relaxing. The game does not yet have online multiplayer, but most likely it will gain these features.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 96 MB | Language: English | offline

    – Formula 1 Race Championship

    Our list of free games wouldn't be complete without this excellent F1 racing game. Formula 1 Race Championship focuses on the arcade experience and leaves realism aside.

    Races are short but exciting. Although it's arcade, the game still requires skill to make good turns. You have to accelerate and brake in the right measure to get the victory.

    There are 6 different modes and several tracks in a completely offline game.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 190 MB | Language: English | offline

    – Meteor Butterfly Sword Mobile

    Without a doubt, one of the best free Android games from China in the month of August was Meteor Butterfly Sword.

    Get ready to feel a console game “climate”, in this 3D action game for Android. A game like little is seen with emphasis on 3D action, but without leaving the thing “automatic”.

    Download Link in APK

    Size: 1.4 GB | Language: Chinese | online


    Did you like the list, was there a game missing? Leave a comment!

    [originally published August 31, 2018]

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