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    10 Android Games Similar to Battlegrounds (PUBG)

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    Discover the best Playerunknown's Battlegrounds style games for Android. The race has started to see who is the best PUBG on mobile phones and many games are in beta test or released only in China.

    Warning: This list is for PUBG-like games. If you live on Mars and still didn't know that PUBG Mobile was released in several versions, check out PUBG Mobile (Google Play), PUBG Battlefield (LightSpeed) and PUBG Army Attack (Timi).

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    – Knives Out (in Spanish)

    Knives Out is much more than a Battlegrounds clone. The NetEase game is highlighted by beautiful and colorful graphics, which fit well in most cell phones. At first, the game looked a lot like PUBG, but over the course of development, it became more and more different. The footprint is now futuristic, with drones and all. The game also got a PC version.

    How to Download on Mobile

    How to download on PC

    – Free Fire Battle Royale (in SPANISH)

    Free Fire is one of the lightest and most fun Battlegrounds-style games. The highlight is the possibility to use vehicles and even kill enemies with them. The maps are huge and the game supports vehicles. Another highlight is that it is 100% in Spanish. Over the months, the game has gained dozens of updates with new modes, including one that is inspired by the "first Battlegrounds", H1Z1's Death Race.

    Link to Download the Game on Mobile

    – Bullet Strike (in English)

    Certainly the most popular game (in 2017) when it comes to Battle Royale on Android. Bullet Strike's main quality is good graphics and is quite light, running even on phones with 1GB of RAM. Unfortunately, that game never saw the light of day and was canceled after the official Battlegrounds, i.e. PUBG Mobile, hit Google Play and the App Store.

    Game link on Google Play

    – Last Battleground: Survival (em inglês)

    Another Battle Royale game in the English language is Last Battleground: Survival. The game has good graphics and is one of the easiest and most complete to play. Like Free Fire, the proposal is to be a light game that runs even on smartphones with 1 GB of RAM.

    Game link on Google Play

    – Crossfire Legends

    We tested the game on a 1 Motorola Moto G2013… and it ran smoothly.

    Tencent itself, which is the publisher of PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS, decided to launch Crossfire Legends to compete in the disputed branch of “Battlegrounds” for weak phones. The game arrived by surprise in the middle of 2018, but it is one of the most complete games of the genre, offering, for example, a first or third person view.

    Mobile Download Link

    – Millet Shootout Battlegrounds (in Chinese)

    Millet Shootout Battlegrounds is the most impressive Playerunknown's Battlegrounds style game today. It is not hidden in fake youtube thumbnails or fake videos. The game's graphics are simply fantastic. Made in Unreal Engine 4, this game is very beautiful, but it is also very heavy. To run it, the recommended is an Adreno 530.

    Link to Download the APK

    – Rules of Survival (ex-Terminator 2)

    Released in China a few months ago, Netease's Terminator 2: Judgment Day game gained a Battlegrounds-style mode. This makes the game have bigger maps and what happened was that the graphics got a little uglier. Still, it's a good game in this genre so loved in recent times.

    Upon arriving in the west, the game was renamed to Rules of Survival, and is one of the most popular PUBG-style games today.

    Download link

    – Grand Battle Royale (in English)

    Probably one of the few games currently on Google Play in Spain. Grand Battle Royale is a Battlegrounds-style game that has simple Minecraft-style graphics. This allows the game to be quite light. Ideal for playing games without burning the cell phone battery.

    Game link on Google Play

    – Players Unknown Battle Grand (em inglês)

    We didn't even post this game right on the site, and it's already disappeared from Google Play. Players Unknown Battle Grand draws heavily from Playerunknown's Battlegrounds font, even imitating logo and icons. Maybe that's why the game had problems and disappeared from Google Play. Players Unknown Battle Grand is the best Minecraft version of PUBG.

    Game link on Google Play

    – Exile Battle Royale (in English)

    Exile Battle Royal is another very popular Chinese game among PUBG addicted gamers. A light game in style, but that requires registration, luckily youtube is full of videos on how to create an account in this game.

    – Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

    Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival proves that it's possible to be late in the Battle Royale genre and still make an impact. The game was one of the last to be released, but it brought news such as the possibility of using a helicopter. The number of players is impressive, reaching 121.

    Download link

    And these were the 10 most Battlegrounds-like games you'll find on Google Play. Did you miss any? Leave a comment!


    [originally published November 1, 2017]

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